Supply Chain consultant to lead Logistics Design project

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One of the largest European producers of consumer bathroom products, with multiple channels and presence in all major European countries, was launching a project to improve logistics efficiencies, integrating the logistics of all the brands and companies in the group. They needed a consultant to design and launch this combined network for their Spanish operations.

They had very specific requirements for this consultant and came to Talmix to identify someone who could both plan, and deliver and run the project through to transition to the new hub and spoke transport network. They expected this process to take over 6 months.

Using the Talmix marketplace the client engaged with a consultant who provided both domestic and international experience aligning with the business including leadership positions in the world’s biggest logistics brands.. This consultant had over 15 years of Supply Chain experience, had extensive transportation and logistics experience and had proven results in both designing and planning similar networks. In their proposal the consultant detailed both the approach to be taken and highlighted the savings and returns when delivering similar programs in the past.

Talmix provided the client with a convenient way to find talent in the region, and with the experience that precisely matched their needs.

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