Join the world's most established network for independent business talent. Find project and interim opportunities within Private Equity, Consulting and Enterprise businesses to showcase your experience and expertise to the max.

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If you’re committed to an independent career, or just curious as to whether taking this step is right for you, then let Talmix support you with the best marketplace experience for independent business and consulting talent.

The Talmix network is built on a reputation for quality, and you will need to have proven business experience in core functions, and/or a background with a recognised consulting firm. Talmix clients are global businesses, Private Equity funds and their portfolio companies, and consulting firms, seeking out high-end skills and experience in the following areas:

Corporate Strategy
Finance & Accounting
Digital, Technology & Data
Project Management
Supply Chain


Exclusive discounts and offers from selected partners to provide you with services and products to support your career, including discounted training, access to co-working hubs, and insurance. Available to anyone on the Talmix network whether you're on a Talmix project or another assignment.


Registering is easy, and when approved you’ll have your unique Talmix Talent Passport. The Talmix AI will start matching requirements to your experience, notifying you when you’re a great match for projects. You'll have a dedicated dashboard where you can search for opportunities and manage your applications.


Create your Talent Passport

The Talent Passport combines information from your credentials and allows precise matching of your skills to opportunities.


Review Projects on your dashboard

After your registration has been approved, simply log in to the platform to search and apply for projects.


We notify you when you’re a great match

Talmix algorithms match the information in your Talent Passport to the client/project requirements.


Submit proposal with support from our CS team

Showcase your expertise with examples and be clear about matching client requirements


Engage with client

If you are shortlisted, the client will want to engage more deeply. We can help you prepare.


Use Talmix resources and partners

Talmix provides additional resources and partnerships to support your projects and career development

Connect with the world's leading businesses and discover great opportunities to showcase your expertise and develop your ambitions.
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