Global Talent Solutions

Talmix built its technology platform using groundbreaking technologies, AI and data science to underpin its suite of talent products and create a world class experience for our talent network and our clients.

Build your Extended Workforce

Use Talmix for immediate on-demand needs to find critical talent. Build talent pools for continued engagement with your future workforce. Discover talent trends from around the world.

Talent Marketplace

Find talent on-demand for expertise and bandwidth support.

Connect to business talent on-demand. Post projects, review talent, and add to your team. The fastest way to extend your workforce, and add in critical skills.

Direct Sourcing

Curate external talent for direct sourcing.

Create talent pools to match your ongoing and repeatable needs using Talmix technology. Promote opportunities directly, extend talent pools as new talent matches criteria, and benefit from the curation services offered by Talmix.

Talmix Data

Actionable Global Insights.

Use workforce data for Talmix business categories and regional information to provide insights and inputs to your extended workforce planning.

The Talent Ecosystem

Talmix partners with other providers in the wider talent ecosystem to make using the extended workforce more convenient. We already partner and integrate with EOR/AOR providers; MSPs; VMSs; other marketplaces and technologies to give you the maximum flexibility so you can focus on the fastest way to get the talent that delivers value to your business.

And if you join our talent network, we provide partnerships and offers to support your independent careers, with executive and new skills training, business and finance management and personal development opportunities.
How it Works

Add Talmix to your existing programs

Talent Marketplaces and Direct Sourcing add new dimensions to your extended workforce programs. Our flexible approach means you can work with Talmix directly, or through your existing program partners to add in new talent categories, expand to new regions, and gain all the benefits of marketplace models.

Secure Stakeholder Buy-in

Identify Business and Consulting Talent Requirements

Map Hiring and Requisition Workflows

Map Compliance Components

Create an Extraordinary Candidate Onboarding Experience

Enjoy the success (and measure it)

Discover Talmix

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