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An industry leading technology platform. A talent marketplace that matches requirements to talent faster than ever. A human team that takes it further to understand your business, our talent capabilities, and create the perfect mix for you. Because better relationships power better businesses.

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The first marketplace to focus on business talent, the first to build a global footprint, and the first place businesses come to when they want to connect with the talent that makes the difference. It’s why we’re the home of independent business talent.


Add in talent to support projects, to provide expertise, fill skills gaps and extend interim leadership to focus on delivery. Talmix works with you to find the best talent solution for your challenges, and the fastest way to deliver successful outcomes and success.


Talmix is the only business talent marketplace with talent and clients in every continent. It means you can expand your business knowing that you will always have access to the quality of talent that Talmix is renowned for.


The most convenient way to connect to talent through our Talent Marketplace and Direct Sourcing solutions built on the Talmix technology platform. Work with Talmix directly or add new dimensions to your existing programs. We partner with leading ecosystem players to add in new talent categories, expand to new regions, and gain all the benefits of marketplace models within your centralised programs.
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Drive successful outcomes across the portfolio

Address talent needs in portfolio businesses by finding outcomes-based talent to drive success. Talmix works with operating teams to deploy project-based talent across commercial, finance, technology functions to support all aspects of value creation, GTM and PMI.
The Mix: Create a skills-based talent proposition that focuses on results, and moves away from role-filling.
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Extend your workforce

Extend the workforce using on–demand talent to bring new skills and expertise across the globe. Talmix works with central teams, existing programs and hiring managers, to connect the talent dots that drive key business initiatives.
The Mix: Add Talmix Marketplace and Talent Pools to extend category and regional coverage for your extended workforce
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Meet your flexible talent partner

Provide talent to fit the changing agenda for strategy and top tier firms. Talmix talent offers experience that creates a flexible bench, with instant bandwidth to maximize project returns, and adding in subject matter expertise to teams on demand.
The Mix: Build Talent Pools to provide flexible on and offboarding of talent, and add subject matter expertise on-demand.
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All regions, industries, expertise and functions 

Map of the Talmix network global coverage, including key regional statistics

A global network of independent business talent, engaged and available with extensive operational and consulting experience across all industries and functions.

Find Talent for Your Business
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“A Market Leader”

"...a truly flexible workforce solution, offering its users the ability to engage contingent, permanent, and project-based talent."


“Very efficient process”

"Very professional and highly supportive team. Excellent and easy to use platform"


“Smooth project with supportive team members”

"Talmix genuinely cares about interacting with talent."

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