The Talmix Atlas™

Providing real-time global talent intelligence and business insights, and revealing key findings about workforce and talent trends around the world.

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Regional Data Reports

In 2023, Talmix conducted its biggest ever data report, combining a thorough analysis of our Talent Marketplace datasets (across both our international client base and 60,000+ talent network) with statistical insights from 181 countries – providing real-time global talent intelligence, and revealing key findings about workforce and talent trends across geographies in 2023. Read more below:

Talmix Regional Descriptions

Interim Hiring & Remote Working Analysis

See how businesses are turning to interims to meet market challenges, and uncover remote work trends around the world.

Talmix Hiring Trends

Use of Talent Marketplaces

Exploring the global use of tech-driven solutions to address workforce challenges and compete in the future of work.

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Closing the Gender Gap

As expectations amongst employees, businesses and stakeholders continue to grow, gender equality in the workplace has become a social and business obligation.

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