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Find answers to the most common questions you may have about using the Talmix Talent Marketplace.

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Where does Talmix fit in the talent marketplace landscape?

Talmix is considered a “market leader” in the Digital Staffing Marketplaces Technology Adviser report from Ardent Partners. According to the report, Talmix “supports robust candidate matching and offers its clients speed, convenience and precision through a robust blend of platform-like automation and a deep network of top-tier talent”.

What is a Talent Marketplace: An Introduction

Talent Marketplaces are “the enterprise-grade solutions that facilitate real-time and on-demand talent engagement with independent, freelance or contract workers via a web-based network or portal”.

Online marketplaces like Talmix are the technologies making it possible for companies to shape their workforce to respond to changing market needs, allowing businesses to tap into in-demand skills they don’t have internally, expand their capabilities, and improve the organization’s capacity to complete critical projects.

At Talmix, our team is passionate about creating the best technology and the best experience to unlock the power of the extended workforce and get critical work done. With over 60,000 users of Talmix in 150+ countries, we bring highly-skilled talent to every industry across every region.

Why join the Talmix Network?
Who can join Talmix?

Talmix is powered by the quality of its talent pool, comprising of talent with anything between 5 and 40 years’ business experience. We are providing a service to companies who want instant expertise and experience - this does mean that we have a rigorous vetting process.

Why be part of the Talmix network?

Talmix is the home of business talent, driving the development of independent careers. We bring fresh client projects to your attention, so that you are consistently given an immediate pipeline of new business opportunities, and an opportunity to work with some of the world’s biggest brands. Enjoy access to exclusive resources and support, as well as a hand-picked selection of perks and parnerships.

Read our WELCOME GUIDE for more details.

How to join Talmix

Talmix is a free-to-use platform. Simply register your details and we’ll start our vetting process. Once you have been approved, you can search and apply for projects. You will not be able to apply for projects until your application has been approved.

Why have I not been approved?

Acceptance into our network requires you to have:

• Extensive senior-level industry experience, and/or significant work experience at a leading management consultancy firm.

• Strong academic credentials.

Make sure that you have filled in your Talent Passport thoroughly and completed all fields. We also cross check against other networks so if there are any profile issues in your public profiles you might want to update these. If you are still experiencing problems, get in touch with and we will advise you on your next steps.

Is Talmix just for work in Europe?

No. Talmix is a global platform. We are supported by talent from over 150 countries, responding to business challenges anywhere in the world.

What is the Talent Passport?

The Talmix Talent Passport combines information from multiple sources, including your CV, to create a single and complete view, that allows for more precise and faster matching of your skills to opportunities.

How to Register and Build Your Talent Passport

Follow the short steps in our How To video for best practices when registering on the Talmix Platform and creating your Talent Passport to better match to projects on the Marketplace.

How do I get a perfect Talent Passport score?

In short, make sure that your Talent Passport is complete and up to date. Fill in your headline and short bio, your experiences, your rates, and your key information. Tag intelligently - 2-3 tags per experience is correct: this allows matching algorithms to work effectively, and cancels out the noise. Head HERE for a full check-list.

How do I submit a proposal?

Watch our short video to learn how to submit a proposal on the platform.

In our experience, the winning proposals are those which are clear, pragmatic, and very much based on what the client will get as takeaways at the end of the project. We have hundreds of proposals written through the Talmix platform each day, so check out our detailed thoughts on the best practices HERE, and what to avoid HERE.

How do I set my rates?

We typically work on a daily rate for Interim/project work based off a standard 8 hour working day. If you need some help setting your initial rates, you can always phone us or email

How do I find projects on the Talmix Marketplace?

After your registration has been approved, simply log-in to the platform to search and apply for projects.

You might hear from us regarding a project which matches your background through a couple of channels: either a direct match email with a personalised invitation to apply, or a phone call from one of our dedicated team members. Whichever way you do hear, we’ve got in touch because we think you’d be a great fit for that project so it’s a great start.

Alternatively, you can also view all of the open projects on our platform when you log in, and are able to send through a proposal for any you feel are relevant, even if you haven’t yet been matched. It’s important to stay focused on opportunities which you really do feel you’d like to do and which you meet the detailed requirements

How do I land a project?

Your profile is the lynchpin of your potential project success. A well written, detailed, and engaging profile goes a long way when potential clients are reviewing your fit for their project. Our top tips? Be succinct, be precise, be thorough, be relevant, and be bold! Check out our more detailed GUIDE.

How can Talmix support me?

Talmix offers support for all talent on the platform, providing expert advice on writing better proposals, and improving your profile.

All our approved members are also given access to our RESOURCES Pages, offering exclusive support and offerings to our network; these include help guides, and exclusive access to a hand-picked selection of global perks and PARTNERSHIPS, designed to support you on your independent career.

How do I let an applicant know that I want to work with them?

When you have decided on your preferred applicant, you can issue an agreement from your account. The applicant will be notified, review the agreement, and ‘click’ to accept (you may have to firm up some of the details, such as expenses, as part of the final refinement). When the project agreement is finalised, your project starts. We will inform unsuccessful applicants for you, so that you can concentrate on the details of your project, and not the management of the process.

Why has my project not been approved?

When we review project requirements, we will reject those that we do not consider suitable to share with our talent network. Often, this will be because the project lacks sufficient details, or does not include goals, deliverables or expectations; the budget may not be realistic or reflect the current market average, or the timescales may not be coherent with the project type or industry standards. If this is the case, you will always be given the option to edit and re-submit your project on the platform. For any support during the resubmission process, you can get in touch with any of our support team at

What is the Talmix process?

Talmix has developed a highly efficient process to deliver talent, accelerated through technology, and with the highest service levels and relationship management. For more detailed information on the Talmix process, read our factsheet on the Talmix Process.

How quickly will my project get started?

This really depends on the complexity of the request. Our aim is to have the first suitable applicants with you within 24 hours; however sometimes we have projects that start on the same day as the project is posted. The process really runs to your timescales. We should stress that if you are planning for a project in advance and wish to find the perfect applicant, then it is worth pre-booking them.

How is feedback provided?

All unsuccessful talent will receive a decline email and are free to reach out to our Customer Success Team to recieve more detailed feedback. However, if you would like to provide feedback personally, this can also be given directly to the talent through our messaging functionality on the platform. For more information, read our GUIDE for support on providing feedback to talent.

How do I use the Talmix Marketplace?

Use the Talmix Marketplace when you need business talent on demand for specific projects and assignments. The Talmix marketplace provides you with the fastest way to access the world’s best business talent with the skills and experience that deliver favorable outcomes to your business. Read our full factsheet. To see how other businesses are using Talmix to find the right mix of talent for projects and longer term initiatives, head over to our Case Studies page. For all other backgrounders, visit our designated HUB.

How do I post a project?

Tell us about your requirements, and the type of expertise you need, and we’ll get you started. You can do this by setting up your own account and posting your requirement, or we can help you along the way. You can specify the project type, duration, budget, and location, and then add a description that provides sufficient information for our talent to submit their proposals. When you’re happy with this, we perform a provisional check to ensure that this is a project suitable for our talent network, and then we start the matching process.

Can I work directly with a chosen applicant on future projects?

Yes - subject to payment of our usual fees. We are always pleased when a client wants to engage with the same talent again!

Do I have to review every application or meet every applicant?

Our talent network is only encouraged to apply for the projects that are a high match for their skillset. This means that the proposals that come through to you will be high in quality but not overwhelming in quantity. When there is a more complex requirement, our project delivery specialists can work with you to create a shortlist. This way we can streamline the process so that you deal with the people that are most likely to end up working with you. Most of our clients run the process entirely through our platform, making use of the messaging functionality to resolve any questions about proposals or experience. Ultimately, our aim is to get the right match for you and how you finalise the selection is entirely up to you.

How can I ensure that the right quality talent applies?

Talmix uses cutting edge algorithms which take the data from your project and match it with our talent network. Those with the best match are notified so that they can apply immediately. Others may apply but will not make a shortlist if we do not consider them to be the best fit. You will be notified by email whenever somebody has applied for your project.

How do I find talent for my business?

Tell us about your requirements, and the type of expertise you need, and we’ll get you started. You can do this by setting up your own account and posting your requirement, or we can help you along the way. You can specify the project type, duration, budget, and location, and then add a description that provides sufficient information for our talent to submit their proposals. When you’re happy with this, we performa provisional check to ensure that this is a project suitable for our talent network, and then we start the matching process.