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Talmix has connected companies to independent business talent since 2016. Laser-focused on delivering quality, speed and convenience to our clients and talent, we continue to excel as the demand for talent grows.


Always Forward

We love figuring out better ways to do things and are continually learning and developing ourselves. We use data, tech and insight to push the limits of possibility.

Relationships Count

We have a hands-on approach to customer success to draw our customers closer, and support our consultants, helping them develop as professionals by presenting them with exciting, demanding projects.

Smart Choice

We love to go beyond the expected and are genuinely excited by making positive things happen. We care more, are better-connected and are full to the brim with expertise and experience.


Talmix works with some of the biggest global brands, leading PE firms and their portfolio companies, and with top tier consulting firms in all regions.

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Talmix Wins Staffing 100 Europe Award

Staffing 100 Europe


Talmix wins SIA Best Staffing Firm Award

Best Staffing Place to Work



The Talmix team brings experience and knowledge to our clients and talent and lives by our core values.

Sandeep Dhillon, Talmix CEO
Sandeep Dhillon

"Always Forward - as CEO I'm proud to be responsible for constantly developing new ways to reinforce why we're the best marketplace to work with and for our own team, making Talmix a great place to work. "

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Dorothy Mead, Talmix VP MArketing & Brand
Dorothy Mead
VP Marketing & Brand

"Always Forward - my total conviction that Talmix is the best marketplace for clients, talent and partners to use, and my role is dedicated to keeping that number one position within a fast-paced industry."

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Alexander Darcy, Talmix Sales Director
Alexander Darcy
Sales Director

"Smarter choice - for me it's all about every client feeling they've made the best choice and seen the best results every time they use Talmix, and this way I can continue to grow our global reach"

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Dilek Haskan Talmix Head of APAC

Dilek Haskan

Head of APAC

"Relationships Count - we have established leadership  in this region  through buildling incredibly strong client and talent relationships and we see the proof in the customer retention and repeat usage."

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Callum Whiting Talmix Head of Customer Success

Callum Whiting

Head of Customer Success

Relationships Count - as a team we want everything we do to be transparent to our clients and to our talent. That way everyone succeeds.

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Rory Bethwaite Talmix Head of Private Equity
Rory Bethwaite
Head of Private Equity

Always Forward - we have developed innovative approaches to the talent needs of portfolio companies and built strong success stories with our clients as a result.

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Sarah Chung Talmix Finance Director

Sarah Chung

Finance Director

"Smarter Choice - my team is about supporting the business and our interactions with stakeholders so we always need the best data to make the best decisions"

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Pedro Mata-Mouros, Talmix CTO

Pedro Mata-Mouros


"Always Forward - buildng our technology platform is always about recognising how to maximise advancements like AI and create the best marketplace experience for all users."

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Paul Brennan, Talmix Executive Chairman

Paul Brennan

Executive Chairman

"Relationships Count - my aim is to develop internal and external best practices and ensure that the SLT is able to work effectively and get the best outcomes for the business"

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