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Exclusive discounts and offers from selected partners to provide you with services and products to support your career, including discounted training, access to co-working hubs, and insurance. Available to anyone on the Talmix network whether you're on a Talmix project or another assignment.

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City CV

Bespoke CVs and interview coaching across the globe.

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Discounts on world-class upskilling and reskilling business courses.

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Ipse Incubator

Knowledge, support and protection for the newly self-employed.

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A bespoke, discounted, IPSE Plus membership for Talmix Talent.

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The Hive

Discounts on Asia Pacific's leading network of flexible workspaces.

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Ready-to-hire solutions for all your branding, social media and growth marketing needs.

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The AI-powered way to do everything from file translation to company research.

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A flexible pension for contractors, freelancers and the independent workforce.

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Design Toolbars

An easy-to-use PowerPoint tool to create high-value, client-ready slides.

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Get top-rated business insurance coverage at great prices.

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Exclusive discounts on affordable, high quality, global health insurance.

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