Ollo provides ready-to-hire solutions for all your branding, social media and growth marketing needs, at extremely affordable prices... brought to you by the most creative minds of Latin America.

Talmix is really excited to partner with a fellow marketplace and member of the Freelancer First Study Group to provide you with the perfect combination of talent and value, to build the brand and marketing materials and support your consulting activities.

Ollo has created a  unique set of service packs that makes it easy to buy just what you want  - so unlock a pack of services to solve your branding, social or growth marketing demands. It's setting Ollo apart from other online design and marketing platforms, and we believe this quality is parallels the talent that is on the Talmix network.

Have you thought about things like social media support, brand materials, your own personal positioning. What are you looking for at the moment? What's your newest challenge? Ollo can help you in every way you can imagine. And for all Talmix Talent, you can earn 10% off all Ollo services - find the solution that works for you HERE.

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