Design Toolbars

Design Toolbars

An easy-to-use PowerPoint tool to create high-value, client-ready slides.

Talmix has partnered with Design Toolbars, your solution for making better slides faster!

Design Toolbars are easy-to-use PowerPoint productivity tools to create high-value, client-ready slides, saving you time and money. Every slide in your presentation deck is visually consistent which allows your audience to focus on the main message.

Design Toolbars extend the functionality of PowerPoint through pre-formatted one-click objects: text, bullet lists, objects, images, charts and tables are placed in an organized layout across and down a PowerPoint slide.

Other automated features include agenda slides, selection tools, image reshaping and resizing, formatting options for charts and tables and creating new files from selected slides. Editable resources such as flags, icons, maps, and symbols are also included!

Talmix talent can access Design Toolbars by following the links below:

1. Design Toolbars for Talmix:  Half Year Free Trial (6-12 month expiry)

Design Toolbars for PC | Free Trial for Talmix

Expiry March 2024

Design Toolbars for Mac | Free Trial for Talmix

Expiry March 2024

2. Design Toolbars for Talmix: Subscription 15% off (≈USD $8.00 per month, billed annually)

Design Toolbars for PC | TALMIX DISC

Design Toolbars for Mac | TALMIX DISC

Watch the tutorial video HERE to learn all about Design Toolbars features, PLUS bonus PowerPoint tips and tricks too!

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