The AI-powered way to do everything from file translation to company research.

Talmix has partnered with AskBrian, to provide the perfect AI digital assistant for completing day-to-day tasks, save time, and help professionals really ‘wow’ clients and customers.

Brian is an AI-powered digital assistant, with an ever-growing skill set, and unbeatable-task-turnaround time; completing most tasks in a matter of minutes or even seconds. He integrates selected data sources and the best digital services available—no matter if it comes to translations, financial information, OCR or industry insights—Brian is ready and waiting to help you. Want to see a live demo? - check it out here.

Use Brian to decrease your expenditure on costly tools and resources, boost your overall productivity, and ultimately get more time back in your day to focus on what matters most—while Brian handles the rest. This, in turn, results in Brian helping professionals like you maintain a competitive edge as well as increasing your happiness.

We've arranged a specially-designed package, exclusively for Talmix consultants, which includes a 15% discount on any Brian purchase.

To redeem your discount, simply create an account at using the code ‘talmix23’

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