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How to Register and Build Your Talent Passport

How to Register and Build Your Talent Passport

How to register on the Talmix Platform and create your Talent Passport to better match to projects on the Talmix Marketplace. Find the best work and projects to apply for at Talmix, the home of business talent.

What is the Talmix Talent Passport?

Replacing CVs and resumés, the Talent Passport combines information from multiple sources to create a single and complete view that allows for more precise and faster matching of skills to opportunities.

At the business end of the talent market, companies are increasingly looking for skills that are deeper, more complex and often not addressed by traditional CVs and resumés.

Simultaneously, businesses are mixing their workforce to create something that’s more responsive to addressing really specific requirements – the gradual erosion of the fixed organisation chart. The right people to the right projects and initiatives. That’s what we’ve brought to market at Talmix.

How Does it Work?

For users of the Talmix platform, the Talent Passport will save and display the full history of every member, and all relevant components will be extracted and enhanced with each new application and position, to create a complete picture and seamless process, for both parties during hiring. Each talent passport will:

  1. Update dynamically based on application and screening question data to enrich career experiences and expertise, learning the strengths of individuals over time.
  2. Automatically add to work history as Talmix projects are completed.
  3. Include comprehensive soft skills ratings to match on cultural fit.
  4. Provide feedback and reference information at a granular project level.

Speed is one of the most critical components cited by our clients, and needs to be achieved in conjunction with the right match. The passport enables precision matching which significantly shortens the recruitment process.

The tagging system makes use of the Talmix taxonomy for expertise, functions, operational skills and is an easy way for all users to highlight the categories which are most relevant, and strongest for them.

With the inclusion of soft skills and feedback, the complete picture is provided at the earliest possible stage, increasing the chances of a successful hire.

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