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A company that was pivoting its purpose, needed  a digital marketing strategist  to lead and drive digital marketing transformation across the business and build this new brand identity.

Our client, a company looking to become an integrated energy company,  was looking for marketing strategy expertise to drive the adoption of a new digital platform, serving as a single source of truth for a knowledge database. The overall goal was to increase knowledge of successes within the business to provide transparency for marketing materials, and to build a digital marketing platform to unite marketing and communications across all business lines (i.e., success stories, branded templates).

The Digital Marketing Strategist was required to work cross-functionally to communicate this brand identity, articulate the new vision and create the supporting plans and templates to enable this. They needed a person to both drive the communication strategy and approach, and also to serve as a coach or liaison to increase the marketing footprint during the period of change.

Within 24 hours, Talmix had put forward the first list of profiles for review. The hired talent boasted expert knowledge of digital marketing transformation, and an in-depth knowledge of EMEA markets. She had previously led digital strategy & implementation for a European B2B startup focused on transforming smart offices and modern workplaces, had been lead social strategist at three major multinational corporations and ran her own digital strategy agency in the Middle East.

The talent could also boast the required technological and systems expertise, and strong knowledge of B2B marketing tools including Mailchimp, HubSpot, BuzzSumo, SEOmoz.

After the application and shortlisting process, the client engaged with, and signed up, the chosen talent within 11 days. This speed of service available through Talmix, shows how valuable the platform is for finding the talent quickly, in multiple geographies and for talent that can be effective from day one.

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