Interim VP Transformation to improve Shared Services Center

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A Private Equity fund needed someone to take responsibility for a shared service center for its portfolio operating in central America and central Europe.

The center was providing a range of services including customer service, strategic sourcing, inventory management, accounts payable/receiveable, and needed to undergo a performance improvement program.

The fund came to Talmix as they wanted the specific mix of experience covering both operations of shared service centers, the initial establishment of processes and the ongoing problem resolution therein as well as acting as the point of contact for the functional leads. In addition they identified that someone with specific industry expertise and supply chain knowledge would enable faster results.

After the application and shortlisting process, the fund engaged with talent who had over 20 years of global finance and transformation experience, including time at KPMG, Deloitte and had worked in 8 different industries in companies of similar profiles. With a focus on working to transform finance, the consultant had both designed a roadmap for Shared Services and Outsourcing and also built, delivered and managed the programme. Through the application process this consultant was able to demonstrate that they could drive real business outcomes.

Finding this talent shows the precision and quality that using the Talmix marketplace provides when searching for interim talent that can both design and implement strategies to drive success.

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