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Use Talmix Talent Marketplace to find on-demand Talent for your Analytics Projects and Initiatives
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What’s the demand?

As companies progress their digital transformation, the use of data to inform decision making for everything from product strategy to customer experience has become a core business function. The recognition that intelligent approaches to collecting, analysing and interpreting data can reduce costs, accelerate decision making and deliver the right solutions has created a significant talent demand for those with strategic and execution skills in use of data.

What’s involved?

Data analytics supports multiple business areas and is a core component in initiatives including:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data and analytics strategy
  • Information requirements roadmap
  • Financial modelling
  • User Experience design
  • Marketing and sales analytics
  • Implementation of analytics and reporting packages and integration with core business systems
  • Data platforms selection and implementation
  • Data collection and enrichment strategies including AI and machine learning

What skills are needed?

Data Analytics specialists will display a mix of skills and systems experience. They will typically be very strong technically as well as with the soft skills of communication, persuasion and collaboration to support interaction and presentations to the different business units where they interact.

  • Data mining, data warehousing, data platforms, clouds and lakes including technologies like Snowflake and Domo
  • Analytics tools like Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Alteryx and advanced Excel
  • Programming languages like Python and machine learning
  • Database design and management
  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Data presentation
  • Quantitative methods, with strong maths and logic skills
  • Statistical modelling and regression modelling
  • Data science research methods
  • Experimental design & analysis
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Pattern and trend identification

Why turn to Talmix?

External talent augments existing skills and provides additional resources making up a company’s extended workforce. With most companies only using a small portion of their overall datasets finding talent to increase the value of this data becomes both urgent and critical.

Using a marketplace for this talent addresses the requirement of a business to implement its information and data roadmap and start getting results from its analytics strategy. If the right talent is on board and effective quickly, then decisions can be made faster. Data skills are still a ‘new’ grouping and in demand, so it is uncommon for businesses to have enough resources ready to go in all the areas required. Talmix can provide those skills on-demand, bringing in both new skills and supplementing teams where more bandwidth is needed.

Although there will be permanent employees who will have analytics responsibilities, the speed and convenience of adding to that list, as well as bringing new subject expertise in and allow skills transfer to team members is a core value proposition for the extended workforce, and Talmix is best positioned to provide this kind of talent with its global network of business talent with strategic and consultancy backgrounds.

External independent talent is very flexible in terms of deployment and can focus on both delivering the analysis required and providing both impartial insights and conclusions as the use of the data develops. The Talmix network will have people who have analytics skills in multiple functions so can apply learnings from one project to another as the business becomes more confident in what the analytics programmes are delivering.

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Getting Started with Talmix

If analytics is a function that you want to bring talent on-demand into then you can post your project straight away on the Talmix marketplace. It’s a very intuitive, streamlined process and you can describe if this is a project or permanent requirement, or interim leadership. If you want a little more advice on scoping then you can post the project basics and our customer success team can help you draw out specific screening questions, talent types and budgets. Get started now and you could address this skills shortage faster than you’d anticipated.

If you already have leadership in place and are now looking to kickstart the functions and processes within then the way to use Talmix is the same – simply post your project requirements. Get started now and you could address these new roles and skills gaps faster than you’d anticipated and have talent deployed and taking the action you need for growth immediately.

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