Using Talmix For...Supply Chain Expertise

Using the Talmix Talent Marketplace for Supply Chain Expertise to address Urgent Challenges and Long Term Transformation
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What’s the demand?

Demand for expertise in supply chain has accelerated as a result of the continuing impacts of the Covid pandemic and ongoing geopolitical issues in Ukraine. Companies are having to transform their functions to deliver new strategies to address these disruptions. It can involve a full transformation of the function, or a focus on specific problem areas, covering such topics as redesigning logistics approaches, building more agile and resilient supply chains, evaluating and implementing digital transformation programmes, and implementing technology solutions to automate, and robust analytics to provide the insights to make decisions faster and prevent future issues.

The demand is exacerbated by the dual challenge of needing immediate fixes to resolve existing problems, and the requirement to overhaul and transform the entire process and function. Given this dual demand, there is a shortage of talent with the necessary skills. Organisations need talent with the skills and end-to-end experience across the supply chain, and with the ‘newer’ skillsets that embrace the technology and digital tools to enable the large-scale transformation necessary to create the resilient and future-proof processes.

What’s involved?

Adding in additional supply chain expertise can be used for any or a combination of the following activities:

  • Logistics planning and supply chain flow design
  • SIOP and Inventory Management including redesign inventory management processes
  • Distribution Centre Management including last mile distribution and returns
  • Evaluate and redesign supply chain supply chain design and design long term strategy
  • Determine spend management across the chain and identify spend consolidation opportunities
  • Introduce resilience and agility into the supply chain identifying current supplier reliance and new supplier requirements to minimise risk
  • Create KPIs and supporting metrics measurements to focus on improvement, growth and cross-functional reporting
  • Evaluation of technology solutions to automate the function, reduce operating costs and improve the process
  • Introduction of analytics capabilities and use of data visualisation tools
  • Identification of skills needed within immediate supply chain management teams and across the function, and ability to onboard and develop teams to increase engagement within and across teams that are impacted by the function
  • Overall digital transformation

What skills are needed?

Increasingly supply chain expertise involves deep technical systems knowledge as well as the more traditional skills of evaluation and negotiation associated with procurement professionals.

  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Supply/demand forecasting, modelling and planning
  • Digital and advanced analytics skills and product knowledge
  • User experience and buyer journeys
  • Board level communications skills
  • Reporting, analysis and data visualisation
  • Knowledge of trending technologies like RPA, IoT, AI
  • Systems knowledge including supply chain, demand planning, distribution, inventory management software like Epicor, SAP, Oracle, Ibis.

Why turn to Talmix?

External talent augments existing skills and provides additional resources making up a company’s extended workforce. With Supply Chain having been at the centre of disruption for the last two years, the demands for talent in this area are at exceptional levels.

We see that using external talent to support this demand provides a company with the ability to quickly react to current challenges, such as modifying logistics and distribution centres, or revising supplier agreements, and also to bring in the expertise needed to create the longer-term strategy and approaches that build the resilience into the supply chain framework.

Using Talmix fulfils this on-demand urgency and the access to the depth of skills and experience seen in interim supply chain leadership, with the marketplace having a strong track record in delivering supply chain talent and resulting success. For example we have recently delivered on talent to overhaul order to cash (O2C) processes in a manufacturing firm addressing immediate issues, and for a VP of Supply Chain for a North American FMCG business requiring strategic leadership to improve performance across the function, developing the models, KPIs and people structures.

You can also use Talmix for  project support talent to ensure effective implementation of new systems and processes, and high-demand analytics skillsets to facilitate production of the insights that now underpin the measurement and metrics of successful programmes.

For this spectrum of supply chain requirements, Talmix offers the convenience of being able to source talent through a single platform with the quality, experience and expertise that is required for this critical function

Extended Workforce Categories

Getting Started with Talmix

If you have a requirement at any point of improvement in the supply chain, then the first step will be to identify how external talent can address this: it may be that you need new leadership with an interim solution providing you the opportunity to start the change process quickly, by posting for an interim lead. If you need particular skillsets to address immediate challenges then you can post the projects with that specific set of requirements.  Posting these on the Talmix marketplace is intuitive and streamlined. If you want a little more advice on scoping then you can post the basic requirements and our customer success team can help you draw out specific screening questions, talent types and budgets based on our extensive knowledge working with clients to add external supply chain talent to their teams.

Get started now and you could address these roles and skills gaps faster than you’d anticipated and have talent deployed and taking the action you need for growth immediately.

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