How To: Create the Best Talent Passport

To give yourself the best chance of project success with us, the first step is to create an engaging and detailed Talent Passport which highlights your strengths; showcases your career experience; and draws in the client’s attention before they even know it. 

How to create the perfect Talent Passport?

Be thorough

Don’t cut corners when listing your experience. Make sure each project or position is clearly listed and detailed. It is also crucial that you upload your CV with supporting details on each project or position to ensure that when parsed, your Talent Passport is filled-in and up to date. 

Be precise

There are some sections of your profile, for example language skills, location and industries, that require you to be precise. Whether you speak one language or five, let us know. Our computers use these sections to match consultant suitability with projects so if your profile is lacking, you may be overlooked. Moreover, be sure not to undervalue your education and to highlight what you’ve done. Have an MBA from a leading business school? Let the client know. Setting this information out clearly shows the client immediately the value you could add to their project and will thus increase your chances of success.

Make sure you include all industries you’ve worked within, and all expertise you hold. Our matching process works off these fields so if you don’t add them in you’re missing out on great potential project matches. 

Be concise

When listing your work experience, make sure to feature the company, job title, key responsibilities and achievements in concise and succinct language. Using no more than a couple of sentences for each role, keep it short and to the point to ensure you catch the client’s eye and immediately advertise yourself as the right person to get the job done efficiently. If necessary, the client can then use your Talent Passport to delve deeper into your experiences and explore your suitability for their project further.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. In your short bio, include an eye catching paragraph which says what you can do, and why you know you can do it. Clients are not always only looking for relevant experience, they’re looking for people who can come in, communicate with their teams, and wow their stakeholders. 

Be relevant

Make sure you have your language skills; eligible countries of work; and expected daily rate outlined from day 1 in your profile. This will help clients assess your relevant suitability for a project straight away and will give you a better chance of being the first candidate they invite to interview. 

Be succinct

The way in which your Talent Passport is displayed goes a long way when clients often have limited time to review it. Choose straight up, bold, succinct language to give yourself the best chance of catching a client’s attention. Try not to add in too much detail to each of your work experiences. Instead, one or two lines on each should be enough to highlight your achievements.

The first thing the client sees when you apply for a project is your profile, making it a smart place to start to ensure you have the highest chance of success with Talmix. There are a few key things often overlooked or forgotten so we h3ave created a simple guide to help you fill out your profile, and fill it out well.

Sell Yourself

The ‘Short Bio’ section is the perfect place to sell yourself. Clients want someone who can hit the ground running and add instant value to their project so make sure you highlight your strengths and summarise who you are and what you can do.

Filling out your profile shouldn’t take long, but ensuring you spend some time completing it effectively could prove crucial in your success of landing projects with Talmix. If you have any questions on building your profile please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions.





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