Talmix & KSA: Vision 2030

Sandeep Dhillon

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Saudi Arabia. It was refreshing to witness the ambitious Vision 2030 in action, driving economic diversification and witnessing the remarkable progress made since my last visit over a decade ago.

During my time there, I encountered a palpable sense of energy, momentum, and optimism among clients, prospects, attendees, and thought leaders at the Human Capability Initiative. Reflecting on my visit there are some insights I thought worth sharing:

Strong Collaboration between Public and Private Sectors

Saudi Arabia boasts a unique and agile relationship between its public and private sectors, fostering an environment conducive to collaboration. This dynamic stands out compared to more mature economies where such cooperation can be hindered by friction. Notably, both sectors are now equally valued as places for learning, with competition for public sector positions rivalling that of the private sector.

Emphasis on Technology and Innovation

KSA is at the forefront of integrating technology and innovation into its programs. From adopting best-in-class infrastructure to experimenting with AI applications in the workplace, Saudi Arabia is ahead of many developed economies. This experimentation is particularly embraced by the younger demographic. Moreover, Riyadh is witnessing the emergence of numerous tech hubs and incubators, nurturing a robust start-up ecosystem.

Focus on Dynamic Education and Learning Frameworks

Recognizing the importance of adapting education to the needs of today's world, Saudi Arabia is investing significantly in more dynamic learning frameworks. Catering to the preference for "just-in-time" learning among younger generations, the country is prioritizing continuous upskilling and enhancing certification processes to future-proof its education system.

Inclusion and Empowerment of Women

There's a concerted effort to promote the inclusion and empowerment of women in the workforce, championed from the top down. This commitment has resulted in a participation rate exceeding 30%, surpassing internal targets set as part of Vision 2030.

Enabling the Freelance Economy

Saudi Arabia is keen on fostering a thriving freelance economy, tapping into global talent while also providing opportunities for local Saudis. Initiatives like the Freelancer Certification technology, spearheaded by the Future of Work, have witnessed substantial growth and created numerous job opportunities locally.

Given our positive experiences and observations, our plan is to intensify our efforts in Saudi Arabia alongside our partner, Khibraty. Together, we aim to support the uptake of independent business talent, leveraging our partner's deep local insights and network in tandem with the global reach of the Talmix talent platform.

Sandeep Dhillon

Sandeep came to Talmix with a background in consulting and finance and used this international experience to build and grow our commercial operations. He became CEO in June 2018 with a commitment to drive the next stage of growth and success and make Talmix the home of independent business talent.