Building a high performance team with strategic HR talent

September 4, 2017 Rebecca White

People are a business’ most valuable resource; they can make or break success. A fast-growing telco was seeking to inspire its employees and build a high performance team. They wanted to balance their workforce to make it more efficient and agile.

However, they lacked talent with the right mix of commercial and analytical skills to drive this initiative. Their problem was compounded by the requirement to also have European-wide legal knowledge of employment law, to ensure that the project was completely compliant in its execution. In addition to this, they felt they needed to bring in someone who had a proven background in running this kind of programme.

A new way to access specialist HR talent

Needing someone for a short to medium term project meant that an independent consultant suited them. The consultant had to be adaptable and be able to learn the intricacies of their business quickly. They wanted someone open-minded who would be able to identify where the areas to improve in their existing HR organisation were. The ultimate goal of this was to develop the right strategy to attract and retain top talent to the company.

The consultant would need to have the experience to make an informed assessment and the confidence to challenge the HR organisation as it was, create new ideas and implement solutions. They came to Talmix to help them find the consultant with the right mix of these criteria. 

A smarter choice

Having briefed a member of the Talmix team on their needs they were convinced of the high level of HR talent available and encouraged by the easy process of accessing them. It worked for the following reasons:

  • Access to the right specialist talent - they could find consultants who had experience in developing strategic workforce plans and staffing models for large international corporates.
  • Ease of use - they could post the project on the Talmix platform and work with the team to ensure they saw the most relevant consultants in the most efficient way.
  • Flexibility of resource - the initiative had an initial project duration but as a new area for the business they were aware that this might run over and needed to be able to extend where necessary. Talmix was able to factor that in and work with the consultant to make that a reality.


At Talmix, we believe that with the right mix of talent, anything is possible. This telecommunications company is a perfect example of how easy it is to create this mix, whenever you need it and whatever the requirement.

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Rebecca White

As Marketing Campaigns Manager at Talmix, Becca is focused on helping potential and existing customers understand how Talmix can help them unlock the power of the world's independent workforce. She strives to create killer content marketing, telling the stories of our customers' success.

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