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Using Talent Marketplaces

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Why use Talent Marketplaces? 1 2 3 Increased Flexibility Talent Marketplaces allow companies to do more work without increasing costs. They also allow for flexibility in being able to access different capabilities for different needs, whenever they arise. Improved Speed to Market Online Marketplaces help businesses speed up processes, meet deliverables, and ensure faster outcomes. They also provide access to highly skilled talent that would otherwise be missed by corporate talent outreach. Innovation & Competitive Advantage Digital Talent Marketplaces offer a way to amplify innovation and operational efficiencies. Businesses can use these platforms, not just to tap the best talent outside their organizaton, but also to get more of the latent capabilities of their full-time employees too. 6 TALENT MARKE TPL ACES: AN INTRODUC TION "MANY LEADERSHIP TEAMS HAVE NOT YET FULLY GRASPED THE STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE OF THESE TALENT PLATFORMS. BUSINESS LEADERS CANNOT RISK MISSING A CRITICAL OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD A MORE FLEXIBLE, RESILIENT ORGANIZATION". Businesses are recognising the value of incorporating highly skilled business talent into their core processes. According to a recent survey, more than 40% of business leaders claim that using new talent marketplace platforms helps their organization hasten speed to market, boost productivity, and increase innovation. Increasingly, businesses expect to use talent platforms, not just to improve performance, but also to experiment with new business models built around using an on-demand workforce. For many buisnesses, the use of online talent marketplaces has vastly improved: ⃣ overall business agility and productivity ⃣ access to a wider pool of business talent ⃣ hiring decisions and project outcomes ⃣ workforce diversity and inclusivity ⃣ cross-functional team efficiencies ⃣ access to specialized skills and knowledge ⃣ employee mobility and happiness ⃣ workforce insights and intelligence Data-Driven Marketplaces Only through the adoption of the most efficient data-driven solutions will companies have better access to reliable and actionable insights, and the better opportunties to assemble the best talent for their workforces. Matching precisely to the right talent has become even more critical in today's climate: wrong hiring decisions will cost businesses thousands of pounds in time they can't afford to lose in bringing the right people on board. The best online talent marketplaces boast rich datasets from talent and application data to guarantee the most precise matches each time, and Machine Learning to add in quality indicators through the process to make quality enhancements every time a connection is made. More precise matching means faster productivity: getting the work done by the best people, faster. Joseph Fuller, Co-chair, Managing the Future of Work, Harvard Business School. www.talmix.com +44 20 3176 5615 @wearetalmix wearetalmix

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