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Using Talent Platforms The New Workforce The New Workforce Organizations are transforming their talent models and business strategies by using Talmix to access highly skilled business talent and solve challenges across teams. Strategic Potential of Talent Platforms The use of digital talent platforms has increased exponentially in recent years, and will continue to rise over the next decade. Businesses are recognising the value of incorporating highly skilled business talent into their core processes. According to a recent HBS survey, more than 40% of business leaders claim that using new talent platforms helps their organization hasten speed to market, boost productivity, and increase innovation. Almost 90% of business leaders believed that the talent platforms will become critical to their organization's future competitive advantage. Increasingly, businesses expect to use talent platforms, not just to improve performance, but also to experiment with new business models built around using an on-demand workforce. Source: Building the On-Demand Workforce, HBS & BCG, 2020. The Talmix Talent Marketplace of today lets people promote their unique skill-sets, it gives workers tools to find new experiences; it recommends projects of interest; and it manages the searching, hiring, onboarding, and movement of people from role to role. The Talent Marketplace, as a platform, is the future of Talent Management. Building a strong Talent Marketplace and creating an on- demand workforce is not an easy process, and requires the right tools and platforms that let you efficiently manage, monitor, and intelligently plan mobility, at the same time. "Many leadership teams have not yet fully grasped the strategic significance of these talent platforms. They are more than a stopgap; they are a means for resolving the chronic problems companies face while filling their talent needs. Business leaders cannot risk missing a critical opportunity to build a more flexible, resilient organization." Joseph Fuller, Co-chair, Managing the Future of Work, Harvard Business School. Talent Platforms like Talmix enable businesses to address skills shortages and solve strategic challenges, creating the right mix of talent to get work done. SPEED: Data-driven platforms generate efficiencies to reduce time to find talent. PRECISION: Quality of talent matching is delivered using ever-growing data sets. CONVENIENCE: Businesses use platforms to centralise talent acquisition and replace multiple agencies. Marketplace for Premium Talent The Talmix platform allow companies to source niche experts for project work or to be embedded in wider teams. Whether it's structural reorganization or reskilling, these platforms allow decision-makers to work out needs to be done to move forward, and also allows them to find the right people within the organization to lead that change. Speed To Market Digital talent platforms help businesses speed up processes, meet deliverables, and ensure faster outcomes. Talmix provides access to highly skilled talent that would otherwise be missed by corporate talent outreach. Increased Flexibility Digital talent platforms allow companies to do more work without increasing costs. Talmix allows for flexibility in being able to access different capabilities for different needs, whenever they arise.

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