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'LVFRYHULQJDQGGHSOR\LQJWKHULJKWWDOHQWLVDFULWLFDOIDFWRULQGULYLQJYDOXHFUHDWLRQ 0VSQVSQPTFJTUPCFDPNFZPVSUBMFOUQBSUOFSBOE DPNCJOFPVSUBMFOUUFDIOPMPHZBOETFSWJDFUPTPMWF BOZPGZPVSUBMFOUDIBMMFOHFTBDSPTTUIFQPSUGPMJP 5BMNJYXPSLTXJUIPQFSBUJPOBMMZGPDVTFEGVOET DPOOFDUJOHUIFNUPUIFCVTJOFTTUBMFOUUPGVMGJMUPQ MJOFUBSHFUTBOEEFMJWFSCPUUPNMJOFQFSGPSNBODF JNQSPWFNFOU 8FDSFBUFDPOOFDUJPOTUPCVTJOFTTUBMFOUGBTUFSUIBO BOZTPMVUJPOBOEQSFDJTFMZNBUDIUPZPVS SFRVJSFNFOUT :ou can connect to consulting, interim or permanent talent, conident that you will be accessing the world's best business professionals. Our aim is to provide private equity funds and their portfolio companies with access to the best business talent globally. Firms use this talent to help win more deals and create better value 8FDBOQSPWJEFUBMFOUPOEFNBOEGSPNPVSOFUXPSL BOEXPSLXJUIGVOETUPIFMQUIFNDSFBUFUIF FYUFOEFEXPSLGPSDFUIBUBMMPXTUIFNUPCVJMEBHJMF UFBNTBDSPTTUIFJSQPSUGPMJP We demonstrate an expert understanding of PE stakeholder needs, and we facilitate a smooth and transparent process for everyone involved. TALMIX & PRIVATE EQUITY www.talmix.com @wearetalmix wearetalmix Telephone: +44 20 3176 5615 Talent to drive value creation Business Transformation Implement value creation plans Deliver on top line performance improvement: go-to market, sales/marketing optimisation, revenue growth, acquisitions and pricing and data Improve the bottom line: Iean/Six Sigma, procurement and supply chain optimisation, finance transformation and technology Define and build finance functions, systems and working practices. Develop and monitor KPIs Improve working capital optimisation, cost and profitability management, due diligence, training and upskilling. Digital roadmap development Organisational design and talent management. Mergers and Acquisitions Integrate new acquisitions to drive growth and realise synergies. Lead, architect and execute carve-outs across all work streams (e.g. finance, IT). Conduct Due Diligence. Strategic Planning Develop market entry strategies and launches. Unlock customer insights to reduce CAC, increase engagement and improve retention. Marketing assessment to optimise spend. 7KHEHVWWDOHQWVROXWLRQVIRU\RXUSRUWIROLRFRPSDQLHV

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