In-demand consulting skills - February 2018


February was a record-breaking month for Talmix as more businesses look to independent consultants to solve business challenges that traditionally would have involved full-time hires, or larger-scale outsourced programmes.

We notice trends emerging for these skills that are often hard to find from existing networks, yet are in plentiful supply across Talmix, with 40,000 consultants globally.

Here’s what was top of the independent demand chart in February across all sectors, including retail, energy, travel and finance.

  1. Business transformation. Last year was definitely the year of demand for digital transformation expertise, but increasingly we’re seeing this as a broader requirement for businesses needing support as they change their models, through acquisition, innovation, and of course digital.  One of our recent projects required support for everything from sales management changes to big data.
  2. Pricing strategy. From understanding commodity model pricing, through to new product strategies, and right up to how to price products from company mergers; this is a skillset that requires strong commercial and communication backgrounds and features heavily amongst our global consultant population who have backgrounds in both consultancy and industry, and understand how pricing is a key component of value creation.
  3. Marketing. There is plenty of evidence out there showing how marketing skills are converging with technology and analytics, and yet most marketing functions don’t yet have this experience within the team. While time will surely change that, for now we’re seeing demand for better marketing analytics, building customer experience as the business goes digital, off-the-shelf requirements to get going with good digital marketing practice.
  4. IT implementation planning. Although the Talmix consultant network isn’t geared towards IT development skills, the requirement to plan new implementations, particularly for CRM and ERP in businesses that are growing and looking to change platforms, and project manage the teams through to success is in high demand. The majority of our 40,000 consultants have strong PM and PMO skills, including agile PM, and can provide input from initial project scoping through to delivery for these large implementations.
  5. Process improvement. The lean philosophy continue to gain traction, far beyond the original ‘Lean Startup’ of Eric Ries’ bestseller. As a result, and as companies find that they need to look beyond a streamlined workforce to become increasingly efficient, we are seeing demand for consultants to look at every aspect of back office processes, and right through to manufacturing improvements.

March is already underway and we’ll continue to look out for the hottest topics. Whatever challenge you’re faced with, isn’t it time to think about whether you’re taking the right resourcing approach? Independent consultants from Talmix are already vetted, you can specify the background you’re after – from experience level to named company, and we’ll match you rapidly with the best talent to bring into your business and make things happen.


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Dorothy Mead

Dorothy is a technology marketing veteran who is responsible for building the Talmix brand globally and creating digital programmes to engage and retain our audiences.

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