6 of the best: Meet the new independent

Today’s independent worker is a new breed. They are experienced, savvy, dynamic and they want to prove their worth to you. They are a bold bunch and they know that relationships count. You won’t find any half-hearted PowerPoint presentations regurgitating your own data here. They live for results and believe in execution, execution, execution.

These are the Gig Economy workers who are engineering the future of corporations, helping them achieve their strategic goals. Meet 6 of the best, these Talmix consultants have proven their abilities and could continue their challenges in your company.  

Katy Huang: the problem-solving super hero

Katy Huang

She’s not here to tell you how to suck eggs. She’s here to help you sort things out. “I guess I’ve always had a functional focus. Clients and employers don’t hire me to tell them things they already know about their own industries. They hire me to help resolve the problems they have, in an innovative way.”

With an MBA from Harvard, education from Oxford University, training by McKinsey and experience from Diageo – there are so many reasons to love Katy.

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Yogesh Gupta: the chemical engineer who transforms more than raw materials

Yogesh Gupta

For Yogesh the journey is never over and independent work means he can go beyond boundaries, “I’m constantly questioning, learning, challenging myself to do things better, easier, faster”. This is a consultant who knows that he is a financial investment for his clients and is determined to prove his value by executing transformations with solid, lasting impact.

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Maris Jurevics: the consultant who cuts to the chase

Maris Jurevics

A corporate strategist with an MBA in finance and management who is also a qualified mechanical engineer, Maris provides a bridge between the technical and commercial functions of a business. But why do we love him? Because he cuts to the chase. He told us about when he was talking to a client and his mission became clear, “What do I actually need to DO?’ It was in that moment where she asked for help that I realised there was a lot more that I had to offer than only a pack of documents and presentations filled with theories and research. I could help her implement change.”

And implement change he has, IBM, United Nations and Deutsche Bank are among his many happy customers.

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Brigitte Herren: The fresh thinker

Brigitte Herren

Brigitte is an entrepreneurial consultant who promotes a new way of thinking about careers. In her own career she knew she has adopted this mentality. “I realised that the change that was required, was not an external one, but rather a change of thinking and what my vision of my career path looked like. That’s when I decided to explore becoming independent.” And she brings this open-minded, driven approach to all of client's projects. She is agile, flexible and wants to be constantly challenged.

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Bob Steere: the trusted influencer

Bob Steere

Coming from a family of teachers and spies, Bob is a principled consultant who believes in deep thought and humility when it comes to achieving results for his clients. “We have to be exceptional at reading organisational culture. We have to know that it’s not about us, it’s about our clients.” His clients report that he builds relationships, coaching and managing teams, while also bringing his own brand of “eye-popping creativity & attention to detail” to projects.

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Benedek Frank: the business model maker

Benedek Frank

With an approach that helps you think about your business model rather than your plan, Benedek is committed to giving a holistic consulting experience. He walks the journey with his clients and wants to be useful 100% of the time. “What I love most about consulting is the ability to always do things that are useful. When I look back at some of my full time jobs, it was quite common for only 2 out of the 8 working hours of the day to be truly useful.” Not so in independent consulting, every hour counts and the proof is in his success with customers like the Department of Children and Families.

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