Hot topics: 7 consultants with skills you need now

The world of business is constantly being disrupted, and it is changing at a pace never seen before. There are core trends that epitomise this disruption and how they are affecting business strategies across the globe. When the time comes to address them within your company you'll need to have access to the right expertise to make it work. Finding specialist talent to match your needs can often be challenging. Talmix gives you access to some of the brightest, most experienced minds out there in a broad range of specialisms.
Here are 7 consultants with specialist expertise in key industry trends:

1. Internet of Things Innovator

CJ Boguszewski

CJ is an innovator, who can create creative business models, and has a deep passion for the promise of connected cities, infrastructure and Internet of Things. Over the course of his career, he has worked for five businesses that have been sold to larger companies in the same competitive space, gone through two IPOs in leadership positions, and have experience with board, advisory, and full-time roles within the Internet of Things, energy/utilities and SmartCity space in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Latin America. He can also speak French and Portuguese.
2. Energy Conversion Expert

Robin Haack
When a client came to us looking for a consultant with a passion for the energy conversion challenge we matched them with Robin. The project saw him contribute to an initiative that would have a large social and economic impact. Robin has a background in management consulting, specialising in corporate and institutional banking but his core strength is in solving unstructured problems. He also speaks 4 languages, enabling him to work with this client across geographies.
3. Advisor in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Jack Rimmer

Jack has a highly developed specialism in robotics and is able to implement RPA projects as a qualified Blue Prism technician. He works with clients on pilot programmes to scale their automation towards the creation of high-performance digital workforces. Clients work with him to understand how RPA can change the way their workforce operates and improve processes and compliance. 

4. Omnichannel Digital Transformation Guru

Dominic James

Dominic is a management consultant, entrepreneurial business leader and expert in digital transformation. Over the past 12 years he has worked with CEOs and Executive Teams of multi-billion dollar companies and start-ups to help them embrace their entrepreneurial spirit to create new products and capabilities. With a background in data science his expertise is backed up with solid experience that can scale industries from energy to retail.
5. Digital Strategy Leader

Vahan Garabedian

When you need a strong strategic consultant that also has digital transformation skills then Vahan is here to help. With 15 years consulting experience he can support you and your teams on financial performance / P&L optimization,  customer digital experience and analytics, and global cross-functional transformation including executive board presentations and expertise in robotics, cloud, analytics and IoT. When you need a strong strategic consultant that also has digital transformation skills then Vahan is here to help. 

6. Artificial Intelligence Growth Strategy

 Kajal Sanghrajka

Kajal is a specialist in building growth strategies within the artificial intelligence space. She has over 13 years experience working for both FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 clients, including UBS and Barclays with Deloitte in London and New York. Her expertise in go-to-market and growth strategy has found her leading a fast-growing artificial intelligence business. 

7. Systems GDPR Consultant


Robert is a specialist with expertise in solving complex project problems and challenges, particularly those associated with large-scale, global and regional EMEA based compliance (such as GDPR). He works on systems integration, enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, business intelligence (BI), merger & acquisition (M&A), business and digital transformation initiatives. 
When you need hard-to-find specialist expertise, come to Talmix. With over 30,000 independent consultants available there is nowhere you're more likely to find the right one.

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Dorothy is VP Marketing & Brand at Talmix. Passionate about the changing workforce and the future of work, she is driving market share for Talmix globally.

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