Harmonising customer experience through digital transformation

Rebecca White

Businesses come to Talmix when they want to get an edge. Mastering digital transformation can gain you a competitive advantage. A Telco company was looking to redesign and harmonise all of their customer journeys and underlying business processes in both their consumer and B2B divisions. 

They needed to steer the design of their journeys, mapping them onto a standard telco process framework, while assessing the impact on their IT function. This extended to a pruning of their product portfolio, as well as defining the IT migration concept and the steering of the migration itself.

An agile way to find transformative talent

They needed a consultant who had deep experience in managing these complex topic areas. They also needed someone with the experience and strength of character to be able to challenge the organisation on its assumptions and take responsibility for shaping the transformation.

They came to Talmix to assist them in finding talent to run the overarching PMO for this transformation. However, they were not looking for a pure PMO specialist. They needed someone who had a mix of skills, including:

  • strong industry experience in the telco industry, either B2B or B2C
  • an understanding of the processes in detail and the underlying implications for IT
  • experience in transformation programmes and an understanding of what could go wrong
  • project management as a secondary qualification
  • previous consulting experience.


A smarter choice

Having spoken to a member of the Talmix team they saw the benefits of working with a partner who could source the specific skills they needed. The main reasons were:

  • The availability of senior consultants with the specific mix of skills they needed for this project. Particularly as they needed someone advanced enough to be able to share best practices and resolve conflicts between business units.
  • The speed to access them, as they needed to achieve results within a tight deadline without sacrificing quality.
  • The fact that they could access the consultant for exactly the time they needed them. They needed to be able to steer the business unit but only for the duration of the project. The accessibility of top skills but without having to commit to a long contract was an ideal fit for this client’s needs.


At Talmix, we believe that with the right mix of talent, anything is possible. This telecommunications company is a perfect example of how easy it is to create this mix, whenever you need it and whatever the requirement.

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Rebecca White

As Marketing Campaigns Manager at Talmix, Becca is focused on helping potential and existing customers understand how Talmix can help them unlock the power of the world's independent workforce. She strives to create killer content marketing, telling the stories of our customers' success.

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