5 top cloud storage solutions for Independent Consultants

We’re an agile, constantly-moving people, and in today’s busy world, you need to be able to access everything you need, on the go, wherever you are, all the time. We’ve put together a list of 5 great cloud storage solutions for independent consultants who are delivery-driven. 

Mozy, a cloud solution by Dell, is a great solution that offers backup, sync and mobile access for individuals, small businesses and enterprise IT services. Their MozyHome package offers great backup and storage solutions for anyting from music to important documentation. With easy accessibility through iOS and Android apps, they also offer their uses a web-based restore option – that allows you to download all your files with just one click. Mozy is very proud of their world-class security with detailed encryption and secure access. Through a wide range of support, including Live Chat, One-on-One support requests, video tutorials, user guides and more, you’ll be up and running with Mozy quickly. Visit Mozy at www.mozy.com

Hightail (Formerly YouSendIt)
Many of us remember trying to send larger-than-normal files via the older YouSendIt channel. Subsequent to its success, YouSendIt became Hightail, which continues to make the sharing of documents around the world really easy and efficient. 
Hightail helps individuals and business teams securely share files for more efficient and effective collaboration. Being account-based, users can send files to specific individuals or teams, and control exactly who has access to view them. Users can send files of any size from their computer or mobile device and through a folder management system, provides a great solution for teams to share documentation and files with relevant people. The entry-level, free, plan allows for storage space up to 250MB, where after paid plans give users access to larger storage options. Visit Hightail at www.hightail.com

Calling themselves your “second brain”, the purpose of Evernote is all about helping individuals and businesses get organised, capture and share notes from anywhere. Evernote gives you the option to be as simple, or as sophisticated in your organisation as you want. With an option to organise and annotate PDFs with Evernote for Desktop, or whether you choose to use the Web Clipper extension to save articles and webpages for later review, Evernote is geared to syncing with your life – and that includes your phone calendar.  Whether you choose to record talks and meetings with the Evernote phone app (iOS and Android) or whether you prefer working offline – Evernote has you covered. Be warned though, this is more than just a cloud storage solution. This is a whole new way of working. Visit Evernote at www.evernote.com 

Dropbox is probably one of the more well-known cloud-storage and document sharing solutions available online today. Dropbox lets you store up to 2GB of files in the cloud on their basic (free) package, or, you can have access to more storage through either subscription or referrals schemes. Dropbox syncs your files across devices and is accessed through an email address – giving you full accessibility regardless of where you are, or what device you’re on. Visit Dropbox at www.dropbox.com 

Carbonite is a cloud storage and backup solution that keeps businesses and home offices running smoothly and securely. With their entry level packages starting at $59.99 per year, Carbonite provides unlimited cloud storage, automatic backups, easy file recovery, access to your files anytime and anywhere and provides a safe and secure access point that encrypts your files at every step. Geared for businesses of all sizes, Carbonite also look after individual and small businesses and provide a Home and Business solution. For more information, visit www.carbonite.com


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