10 ways to grow your business with an independent consultant

Rebecca Porter

Small and medium sized businesses looking to grow can benefit from a range of skills available from consultants. However, the high cost in terms of budget and time resources to bring a consultancy in can be off-putting. An independent consultant, on the other hand, can provide the benefits without the disadvantages that might stop a consultancy project getting off the ground. 

There are many ways that independent consultants can help you grow your business, here are 10 of them:

  1. Leverage their specialised knowledge: Independent consultants have a strong background to draw on, they have years of experience working in consulting firms or industries that are similar to yours. They’ve helped a number of similar businesses grow and they’re passionate about helping you grow too.                                                                                  
  2. Take advantage of their experience: Consultants know how to drive growth for a company because they have done it before. Not only do they have in-depth knowledge of your industry, but they have also been in your shoes. Having encountered that situation, they know how to approach finding the solution. They will be able to leverage this experience, mix it with your experience, and help you to meet your growth targets.                
  3. Fast in, fast out: Unlike a permanent employee, consultants are experts at quickly understanding your business and digging down to the roots of your company’s operations and culture. They can quickly turn that knowledge into strategies that will manage the change taking place in your company, whether that is growth or a different challenge.    
    1. Their goals are your goals: An independent contractor doesn’t have wider personal corporate goals that they are keeping in mind while they are working with you. For the duration of the project, your business goals become their business goals and that level of focus is what a business needs during periods of intense growth.   
  4. Enhance your already strong team: You’ve taken time to make sure that your team is the best team for your company. You don’t want to disturb that balance, but you do need more bandwidth to reach your ambitious growth targets. An independent consultant is a non-intrusive way to add value to your team without disrupting the spirit of it.   
  5. Objective perspective = creative solutions: Sometimes it can be difficult to see a new way to grow your business when you’re so close to it. The old adage of not seeing the forest for the trees is true in business too. Bringing in an expert with an outsider perspective can help provide new ideas and ways to work that will help you smash through your targets. 
  6. More hours in the day: What would you do if you had a few more hours in the day? Your consultant provides extra bandwidth to allow you to focus on the parts of the business that really need your attention, without losing focus on the growth.  
  7. Results oriented: Consultants become independent because they love delivering results. Independent consultants don’t get wrapped up in creating the most beautiful PowerPoint presentations (unless that’s what you’re looking for). Instead they are wholly focused on providing you with the results that make an impact.   
  8. Low cost for value ratio: It can be very costly to bring in a consulting firm, or even to bring in an experienced hire full-time. One of the great values of an independent consultant is that they come with a ton of experience, but without all the costs of a full consulting firm. They are also only there as long as you need them. Once the growth project is over, the consultant is out and you’ve reached your goals without breaking the bank.         
  9. Streamlined focus on the project: Not only is the consultant completely focused on your project, but this also signals to the rest of your team how important this is for the business. The consultant will be able to focus the team they are working with and deliver financial and commercial growth that will be engrained in the business going forward.  

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About the Author

Rebecca Porter

Rebecca is responsible for product marketing at Talmix, working with our consultant and client community to communicate the capabilities of the Talmix platform and helping the product team deliver the best experience to all our users. She's a background in the consulting industry, a passion for customer success and most importantly, unbounded enthusiasm and energy.

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