Ipse Incubator

Ipse Incubator

Knowledge, support and protection for the newly self-employed.

Talmix and IPSE Incubator have partnered to offer knowledge, support and protection to anyone new to self-employment, and for those looking to strengthen the foundations of their existing business.

As a Talmix member, we are also able to offer you £50 off your IPSE membership using the code TALMIX50.

With the IPSE Incubator, you’ll be upskilled on essential business knowledge, providing a holistic picture of everything you need to do to succeed and grow. The aim is to make sure that you feel confident working for yourself and to save you the time and money to allow you to focus on growing your business.

You will also be given your own account manager, who will send you tailored monthly communications to keep you motivated and access all the critical benefits IPSE has to offer.

Self-employment is confusing enough, but through the Incubator journey, you will be provided with all you need to make self-employment a sustainable and lucrative career move for you.

Access monthly templates, guides, and advice to strengthen your business, sales, marketing and financial knowledge. As well as this, there is a whole host of other information and opportunities that will be relevant throughout the year such as tips for your mental health, cyber crime advice, events, webinars and networking, plus much more.

Ipse Incubator Benefits

Simply enter the promo code: INC-TAL into your chosen membership grade to be enrolled.

This code can also be used to get a further 20% off any of the 3 wider IPSE membership grades. Please add the code into the ‘promo code’ box when purchasing a membership.

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