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How To Make the most out of your Talmix experience

How To Make the most out of your Talmix experience

This guide will take you through the key steps to ensure that you're properly set up and ready to go so you can make the most out of your Talmix experience.

Step 1: Complete your Talent Passport

The talent passport replaces your static CV with an interactive interface that updates automatically as your working experience grows. It’s a key part of your profile on the network, providing you with access to projects most suited to your skills, location and industries. This information must be as relevant and thorough as possible. Keep in mind that the ability to communicate and work well within teams will be determining factors for clients, so make the most of the short bio to showcase your soft skillset too.

Step 2: Don’t forget your key words

It may seem mundane, but selecting your key words carefully are just as vital to the whole process. Our algorithms match talent to projects based on key information that you provide, and key words are the perfect way to find quick matches and first access to projects that have just gone live. Assess your CV and pick out four or five key skills or words that best describe your industry experience and skillsets. Adding in too many keywords will slow down the algorithm, and make it more difficult for us to find the jobs that are actually best-suited to you and your skillset.

Step 3: Never rush your proposal

It may go without saying but writing a proposal can be the most time-consuming part of a project application, but it is not a process to be rushed. Sometimes less is more, so keep it to the point with clear description of how you would execute the given project. Take the time to read the project brief and highlight the key requirements that the client needs. Rushed proposals won’t win, so why not take a little longer to ensure you’ve captured every idea in the best detail? Keep it clear and concise.

Step 4: If the project isn’t right for you, don’t apply

Applying to projects is the easy part but take time to read the brief and understand the key requirements necessary beforehand. If it doesn’t fit your experience and skill set, then don’t apply. That’s time wasted that could be spent writing the proposal that will win you a project that fits your every need. You should never apply to a project based on a whim, and if it doesn’t sound right, there are plenty more to apply to that will be.

Step 5: Stay active on the platform

Staying active on our platform is key to finding the projects suited to you. Just when you think there may be nothing that appeals to you, Talmix will always have an influx of fresh projects and roles to apply for. Regular activity will help you to find the most suitable projects to suit your location and experience, so take the time to explore our platform; even if just for an hour a day. If not, you could be missing out on the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent.

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