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Applying for Projects

Applying for Projects

After you've registered your Talent Passport, and searched the Talmix Marketplace for your next project, select "View Project" to see brand-new project pages. We've condensed all the information that's important to you onto one page - icons running across the top will display key information on required industry and functional experiences, your matching score to the project, as well as important details, such as job description, location, starting date and budget.

We'll mark any missing information in red, making it much easier for you to ensure that there are minimal delays in moving forward with your project proposals.

Along every step of the way, we've added support boxes like the one above, to inform you of the latest project status or to nudge you when actions are required.

Once you've found a project you like, click "Submit your proposal" to get started - here, you can update and upload your Talent Passport, outline your suitability to the project, and draft your proposal (approach, delivery, duration and cost).

Rather than having to navigate numerous pages, all project details, proposals, documents and client communications can now be accessed from the Project Home Page. Navigate the tabs to see the latest all key information and the next steps from both your side, and that of the client.

When you apply for a project, you'll be able to view all key information and take any actions on the same page. Your proposal, Talent Passport and responses to any screening questions will be outlined - and this will also be the hub where you can speak to the client, set up interviews, or attach key files. All this can be achieved through our secure and direct messaging system on the right of the page.

You'll be notified of any client activity every step of the way - and when the client has created a draft project agreement, you'll be able to access, amend or sign from the Project Home Page, making the process as seamless as possible for both parties.

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