Operations Talent: Thoughts from Eric

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Procurement is one of the more recent functions to come under the transformation lens. Planning and delivering on this requirement requires deep functional expertise and the transformation skillsets that are in high demand. We asked Eric to describe his operations experience and how as an independent, he is able to drive those transformation initiatives.

Q. When you’re at a networking event, how do you describe your independent career status, and where you focus your work?

Previous Head of Supply Chain leading Transformation Programs including Procurement, Operations, and M&A.

Q. What are the specific benefits that you, as an independent, offer to the operating teams/portfolio company leadership? How do you explain the value your expertise brings?

Interim Talent enables private equity portfolios the ability to accelerate and execute strategic priorities with the expertise and leadership required to unlock and deliver value, providing a significant return on investment.

Q. Why do you think there is increasing demand for independent expertise with PE operating teams?

Private Equity operating and transformation teams have increasing demand for interim talent and independent expertise in order to staff the critical projects and initiatives necessary to provide the expected return on their investment in portfolio companies.  The independent talent provides the agility and immediate bench strength required to rapidly achieve desired outcomes.

Q. Describe a recent or successful assignment in terms of scope, duration and any particular highlights in the outcomes.

Leading Procurement Optimization initiatives at private equity portfolio company that will deliver a 3.5x first year return on their investment decision to augment the management consultancy and company resources with my independent expertise.  Strategic Sourcing projects include Temporary Labor and Direct Materials, and my expertise provides the additional capacity required to execute contract separation activities for their recent divestiture.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone about to embark on an independent career as to how they can provide the best results for a client, while fulfilling their own career path?

Know and understand the goals and desired outcomes of your client. Leverage your expertise and depth of experience to remove boundaries and overcome challenges along the way.  Clients value not only your expertise but the interpersonal skill necessary to work on complex projects in dynamic environments.

Independent talent is making quantitative and qualitative change to operations. If you'd like to work with someone like Eric, then post a project at Talmix and we'll match you to the best talent for your requirements. And if you see this is an ongoing requirement, wanting to supplement existing resources or consultancy firms and get the great returns that Eric has described, then talk to us about Talent Pools.

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