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Commercial Talent: Joan

Commercial Talent: Joan

In today’s markets, teams need flawless execution. Whether it's transforming your go-to-market approach, enabling your sales teams to hit the right numbers, or simply run tighter revenue operations processes, talent like Joan becomes critical in ensuring that commercial processes become a real engine for revenue growth.

Q. When you’re at a networking event, how do you describe your independent career status, and where you focus your work?

I’ve led Sales and Revenue Operations teams for the majority of my career, at venture-backed, PE-backed, and public companies. I’m now an independent consultant who helps software companies bring their Sales teams to the next level of maturity and results.

Q. Why do you think there is increasing demand for independent expertise with PE operating teams?

I believe it's because PE has tested a few models and stick to the one that works for them. Tangible value is delivered in a short amount of time. Supply side plays the role as well - the talent pool is different compared to, for example, 5 years ago. Thanks to Talmix, PE now can choose the right profile from the global pool without going through the long recruitment campaign.

Q. Describe a recent or successful assignment in terms of scope, duration and any particular highlights in the outcomes.

Recent assignments fall into three categories, and I enjoy doing a mix of work across them.

Operating Role – Created and led Sales Operations function at Series A cybersecurity company, specifically focused on tooling the fastest path to market.  Developed experiments to test and refine target profiles, messaging, processes and teams.  Recruited and trained new Sales Operations Director when company completed Series B round.
Operationalize Go To Market Strategy – Partnered with strategy consultants to build sales process including sales stages, content and enablement for PE-backed provider of transportation industry safety and productivity solutions.
Sales Compensation Plan – Designed and delivered annual compensation plans for PE-backed eCommerce firm.  Plans strengthened the focus on key business goals, simplified calculations and aligned roles across the organization.  Selected and deployed a commission management application.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone about to embark on an independent career as to how they can provide the best results for a client, while fulfilling their own career path?

Approach each engagement as an opportunity to contribute and learn.  Your impact should be well defined in your statement of work, and it should be something you can and will deliver.  But remember you’re working with people, not just client companies.  You have an opportunity to make every person better at what they do and smarter about their own development.  Those people ensure that your impact is long-term, and they become your advocates and references.  And you will learn from them and bring their successes and failures to your next client.

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