You may have heard a few rumblings in recent months about the rise of AI...

As a talent marketplace, Talmix sees early demand for new skills and we want to make sure that we can capture that demand and match to the ideal talent using our leading matching algorithms. As a result, we have now updated our taxonomy to include new functions and extended skillset tags (many specifically tailored to AI roles and skill sets), to reflect the levels of expertise in our business talent network.

This is available now for clients to use when posting new project requirements, and for talent to update their passports.

At Talmix, we're committed to constantly evolving our taxonomy to meet the evolving needs of our clients and talent network. We understand that new skill sets and roles will continue to emerge and it's essential for platforms like ours to adapt and incorporate these changes.

For our clients: if you’re already seeing the AI skills gap impacting you - it’s easy to post your request on Talmix.

For our talent: make sure to update your talent passport today, to continue to be matched to the best opportunities!

Talmix Taxonomy Updated to Include AI Skills

Download the PDF below.

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