Welcome to the future of work: Talmix launches the Talent Passport™

Is this the end of the CV as we know it?

Talmix is proud to announce the launch of the Talent Passport™. This significant development for our global talent network, is driven by the changing workforce, and the changing needs of organisations.

In today’s blended workforce, companies need granular level data on both hard and soft skills, as well as the traditional career history. Most people only provide detailed information when questioned during a selection process, and then the data is often lost before the next assignment. For users of the Talmix platform, the Talent Passport will save and display the full history, and all relevant components will be extracted and enhanced with each new application and position, to create a complete picture for both parties in the hiring process.

Sandeep Dhillon, Talmix CEO commented, “We were always encouraged to distil our entire career history into one page. That’s the wrong approach for a flexible and mobile workforce that needs to carry its full skillset into every work situation. With the talent passport, our intention is to create a dynamic view that highlights the precise skills and relevant information to present to clients looking to build the workforce.”

The Talent Passport combines information from multiple sources to create a single and complete view that will allow more precise and faster matching of skills to opportunities. This passport categorises information into demographics, micro-experiences, soft skills,  feedback, work style preferences, and future releases will:

• Update dynamically based on application and screening question data to enrich career experiences and expertise, learning the strengths of the talent over time

• Renew work history as Talmix projects are completed

• Include soft skills ratings

• Provide feedback and reference information at a granular project level

Speed is one of the most critical components cited by our clients, and needs to be achieved in conjunction with the right match. The passport enables precision matching which significantly shortens the recruitment process. With the inclusion of soft skills and feedback, the complete picture is provided at the earliest possible stage, increasing the chances of a successful hire.

This is the way that Talmix can solve skills gaps – pinpointing the exact talent that a business wants. And for the talent that is registered on our network, they now have the information that takes them into every opportunity. Remember being asked a question at interview and someone saying - oh it doesn’t say that on your CV – now that dialogue will be on your Talent Passport, in perpetuity. And surfacing when required for the right role.

Talmix technology is already leading in the online staffing space, and our constant focus on rich data has enabled this launch which we are confident is going to change the face of talent acquisition.

Talmix Launches the Talent Passport

Download the PDF below.

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