We are always trying to find new ways to improve the Talmix Marketplace experience for our clients and talent network and Talmix is delighted to announce a brand-new extended taxonomy this week,  which further enhances the speed and precision with which we match talent to new projects as they are posted.

What’s changing?

We have extended and modified the Talmix taxonomy used to illustrate expertise, functions and operational skills that reflect the newer skillsets required in today's workforce and used the opportunity to retire some elements which are now embedded into the core datasets in our project and passport components. Talent and clients can tag their experience and requirements using tags from this new taxonomy. Existing tags will not be removed.

What do I need to do now?

For Talent

When creating or updating your Talent Passport, you can now use up to 5 tags to represent each work experience listed. Be precise when tagging your core skills and expertise – limiting to 5 tags allows for a more granular view for both consultants and clients, ensuring that you can  showcase your most relevant skillsets. This allowins our matching algorithm to better score according to the project requirements, meaning we can present to clients the best-quality talent in a shorter time.

For current users, updating your Talent Passport with this information is straightforward as always - simply make sure that you have selected the 5 tags that are most relevant to your experience as you update your sections, as these will determine the quality of your matching score to relevant projects.

For longer-registered members on the talent network, you may wish to revisit your original keyword selection as these are no longer a part of newer talent passports, and so have less of an impact on successful project matching. Our advice is to tag your experience, and remove the generic keyword set.

For Clients

The extended taxonomy is available to tag your projects as you post them, and this provides another layer of selection criteria to go into our matching algorithm and to support our customer success teams as they screen applications. The overall posting process is unchanged, and we're confident that the new taxonomy will reflect the complete range of projects where you require business and consulting talent.

This new tagging system aims to reinforce our ongoing data-driven approach to cementing our position as the home of business talent - matching talent to critical business projects around the world, so that businesses can get work done more effectively, efficiently and faster than before.

Talmix Extends Taxonomy for Client Projects and Talent Passports

Download the PDF below.

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