Sandeep Dhillon, CEO Talmix, and Bryan Peña, CEO Defiant Solutions, continue our highly rated workshop series dedicated to redefining what's possible when you marry talent and technology to create the next generation program.

How to make it work for you with a mainstream, integrated approach.

What’s next? You’ve identified the marketplaces you want to work with; you’ve determined how they can best fill the talent gaps…. now it’s about bringing everything to life! From educating your hiring managers about using an extended workforce, to devising optimal SLA’s with the program offices and delivery teams….that is just the beginning and only the first steps on the journey to success. Join us to find out how to operationalize all the valuable elements of your marketplace solutions and how to speed up the integration into your existing operation.

Watch the Replay: Making Marketplaces Mainstream

Download the PDF below.

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