Unlocking the Power of the Extended Workforce

Unlocking the Power of the Extended Workforce

Unlocking the Power of the Extended Workforce

Organizations are beginning to look at their talent strategies in a completely different way.

Now, in our new digital world, businesses are taking a more agile approach to talent acquisition and management. How companies secure the talent they need is changing, with less reliance on permanent employees to complete specific jobs, and more and more organizations turning to freelancers and other external experts to meet their strategic talent requirements.

The most innovative companies are blending internal and external talent marketplaces to create powerful hybrid workforces, fit to meet their growing needs and shifting demands.

The pandemic, too, has really revealed how quickly conditions can change — now, having access to a wider marketplace of plug-in talent, alongside establishing more agile and competent acquisition strategies has become critical. For any businesses not yet thinking about flexibility and scalability in their TA strategies, there is little time to lose.

Although many business leaders recognise the importance of maximising talent capabilities, they might feel that they are lacking the most current tools or the means to commit to a huge investment to ensure success.

That’s why many businesses are partnering with established digital staffing platforms like Talmix -- a more flexible approach towards leveraging the technology and workforce expertise required to transform their talent acquisition strategies, and as a way of maximising the value of in-house recruitment teams and acquisition technology stacks.

The new ways of working have increased demand for the external workforce to support on cross-functional projects in organisations - projects which require specific skillsets from a range of people across the organisation.

Many of our clients are now moving away from large, fixed multifaceted teams, and opting for out-sourced models. Complementing their smaller core teams, when needed, with expert freelancers, brings in the precise skillsets required for cross-functional project success, with faster turnarounds and smaller overhead costs.

The Power of Leveraging the External Workforce

As employers consider the talent their organization needs to survive and thrive, many are beginning to leverage the external workforce to achieve this success.

Many businesses are moving away from traditional hiring methods and adopting more holistic approaches to their talent acquisition strategies.

What are the main benefits?

  • Reduction in hiring time and costs
  • Improved market knowledge and experience
  • Better project delivery efficiency
  • Greater access to the top candidates across vatted talent networks
  • Greater ability to identify niche talent and maintain advantage over competitors
  • Stronger future hiring strategies – more strategic and defined

A digital marketplace for external talent can help plug the gaps in fluctuating industry-sector and talent demands. Added to this, platforms like Talmix can match workers with transferable skills across other industries and tap into wider talent pools across other regions/countries that businesses might otherwise lack access to.

Embracing the external workforce – and the digital platforms that empower companies to manage it efficiently– are helping businesses adapt faster to challenges and stand out from their competitors. Digital staffing platforms equip businesses with the full visibility they need to benefit from faster times to hire, shorter times to productivity and more successful project outcomes.  

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