Tech Transformation - Finding the Talent to Fuel Recovery Growth

Alex Zietek

According to a Fortune 500 CEO survey, 75% of CEOs agree that corporations need to accelerate the technological transformation of their businesses in order to successfully survive the post-covid recovery period.

Of course, digital transformation is by no means a new phenomenon; but the massive work disruptions that have carried over into the post-pandemic world, changes to service delivery, and sudden shift in the ways in which teams have been forced to adopt and adapt remote work models, has only served to re-illustrate the importance of digital business transformation in ensuring business continuity.

One area in which technological innovation is expected to be heavily leveraged and depended upon, lies within the talent acquisition space.  Companies will be searching for the best talent needed to fuel recovery growth, amidst a sea of applicants – we have already seen a rise of global unemployment and spike in the contingent workforce  - whilst paucity of available talent may no longer be an issue, the difficulty will now lie in finding that needle in the talent haystack, without wasting too much time and resources.

Companies will begin to augment their hiring selections by depending upon algorithms and artificially intelligent systems. Only through the adoption of the most efficient technological solutions will companies have the best opportunity of assembling the best talent for their workforces.

Here at Talmix, we know what it takes to undergo the trials and tribulations of a digital transformation, and our architectural transition in 2016 and shift in digital practices have enabled us to now offer unprecedented speed, precision and convenience in a state-of-the-art, end-to-end user experience with a next-gen sophisticated searching and matching algorithm.

Our top-tier, industry wide business talent network extends across the globe, encompassing over 60,000 members across 181 countries. We work with over 72,000 data points every month, continuing to exponentially increase all the possible combinations of these points so that we are able to instantly find that needle in the haystack in under 24 hours, whether for a project, full-time position or interim work. It means that Talmix can find the talent to match the uncertain requirements companies will be building their futures around.

The world of work won’t be the same from hereon. Businesses that flexibly identify and implement the right technological innovations will be the ones to succeed. Businesses that don’t adopt technology enablement, will be prohibited moving forward in the post-pandemic economy.

Digital businesses need digital solutions.

Alex Zietek

Alex is Marketing Manager at Talmix, developing, executing and managing campaign strategies and 5 a-side tactics.