Skills Shortages are Slowing Down Digital Transformation

Skills Shortages are Slowing Down Digital Transformation

Skills Shortages are Slowing Down Digital Transformation

Many businesses have rapidly accelerated the speed and scale of their digital transformation processes in the post-pandemic era, seeking to modernise quickly in order to improve revenue and productivity, cut business costs, or simply adapt to the new “normal”.

However, as business models have adapted at such speed, it has become difficult for companies to identify and obtain the talent needed to execute such transformation.

Added to this, digital skills are no longer merely centred upon IT capabilities alone; they need to be variegated across organizational functions and coupled with the right soft skills in order to ensure transformational success.

According to a Gartner article, most companies are flying “data-blind” with regard to the skills they need for transformation – this inability to identify needed skills is the number one impediment to workforce transformation.

Failure in this department, results in leaders struggling to deploy and align the right skills to address the shifts in work systems and organizational structures, and ultimately propel successful digital transformation.

Talent resources are becoming increasingly misaligned with work processes and organizational structures. The traditional, reactive, approach to deploying talent simply isn’t agile enough for today’s fast-changing conditions. Now, there needs to be less focus on structured “roles”, and more focus on accessing the skills required to drive an organization’s advantage on an as-needed basis.

The fear of misaligning talent plans and decelerating the pace of transformation is the reason why many businesses are turning data-led platforms like Talmix, to guarantee speed, precision and convenience in their talent acquisition processes.

Whether businesses need to augment existing teams to accelerate delivery, or provide specific expertise in areas difficult to source; whether a leader or a strategic analyst, a consultant or a CTO is required, Talmix has built an unparalleled network of specialist talent, across all experience levels, with the skills required to help organizations instantly plug in workforce gaps and effect the positive change needed to achieve successful digital transformation.

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