Embracing a Global Landscape

Embracing a Global Landscape

Embracing a Global Landscape

This decade's sharp shift to remote working practices was initially seen by many businesses as a necessary, but nonetheless temporary, fix to mitigate disruption in the face of a pandemic.

Now that many businesses have seen the positive impacts of remote working (increased productivity, improved employee wellness, reduced business costs), the concept has moved from being merely a considered ‘trend’ to becoming an integral part of any future workforce strategy.

One of the lesser-discussed wider business advantages of this ‘remote’ shift, however, lies in its capacity to completely reshape the talent market and open up access to a more diversified global talent pool for businesses to unlock.

This evolution of the talent ecosystem means that businesses now have a much wider range of options with which to address their strategic/hiring decisions, and simultaneously opens up unique opportunities for talent who’s career trajectory had been previously constricted by socio-economic and geographical limitations.

Embracing a Global Approach to Talent Acquisition

Remote working has now enabled wider talent pools around the world to open up which, for some businesses, means that, in an environment of rapidly changing customer and market demands, key skills can now be unlocked and accessed at a much faster rate to deliver on business-critical initiatives.

As companies lock into these extended global networks, they are able to connect to previously unreachable talent, positively address diversity and inclusivity within the workplace, as well as drive greater innovation through access to fresh ways of thinking, without dramatically increasing their cost base.

This combination of a happier and more productive workforce, reduced cost structure, and extended talent pool will offer businesses huge competitive advantages over the companies that choose not to re-evaluate their internal processes.

Where to start looking?

Business leaders need to adopt the right steps today to make the most of the opportunities engendered by the shift to remote work and stay ahead of the competition by gaining access to the best global talent. Building talent pools ahead of demand has been proven to work in the best of times, and becomes imperative now that every business is having to be more agile than ever before.

Talent marketplaces like Talmix are the most resourceful means of accessing this talent and building critical talent pools, in less time, and with better results.

Talmix has the largest global network of business talent, and this number is continuing to grow, providing a valuable immediate resource to businesses needing talent that has the skills and the approach needed.

Talmix can help you:

  • Scale the remote workforce to deal with new project challenges, rapidly from a business talent network that is geared to working remotely and where needed, autonomously.
  • Alleviate pressure on core teams by bringing in ad-hoc resources to extend bandwidth
  • Connect to the skills that maximise readiness and can deliver immediate expertise to address the newest operational challenges.

Our talent pools help build future teams, looking at how to mix permanent and project talent, and providing a way to rapidly assemble everything that is needed, whilst addressing the needs for flexibility and mobility within the workforce. As well as finding fresh talent, we also cultivate and maintain a passive talent pool to use for potential return hires, made up of company alumni and previous contractors.

Talmix is an always-on network, allowing companies to dip in and out, expand, or match and review the best available talent, to deliver on any initiatives, at any time.

Now is the time to start planning where there is going to be most demand in your business and identify how it will be fulfilled.

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