3 value-enhancing steps to preparing a business for sale

Most business owners appoint advisors a few months ahead of selling a business, yet they typically focus on M&A process management and not on creating and maximising pre-exit value. Ignoring the ways to add value to the company before sale could cost you in the long-run. To unlock value, a business owner must start preparing several months ahead of launching the formal sale process. Yet this timescale is not compatible with the business model of most corporate finance advisors.

In this whitepaper we address work streams that help you achieve extra value with support from seasoned consultants. Achieve these objectives by engaging the relevant skills and experience from more than one consultant to ensure success.

Find out how working with independent consultants can support with:

  • Strategic factors, such as the decision to sell and exit routes
  • Positioning of the business
  • Identification of potential acquirers and timing considerations
  • Practical initiatives to maximise EBITDA
  • Ensuring the business projects the best outward image and how to prepare it for the buy-side due diligence process
  • Project management
  • Engaging advisors
  • Approaching potential buyers
  • Negotiations
  • Navigating due diligence.  

About the Author

José Benedicto

José has over 15 years of private equity, private debt and investment banking experience at blue chip institutions across Europe. His experience includes sourcing mid-market acquisition opportunities, executing on these, conducting due diligence, spearheading commercial negotiations and transaction documentation, closing acquisitions and managing portfolio companies. This experience includes developing and implementing organic and acquisitive growth strategies (including buy & builds/industry consolidations), cost rationalisation and optimisation programmes and cash conversion improvements. José is also experienced at raising capital, including equity and debt through direct lending strategies, as well as structuring alternative investment funds in Europe.

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