Design Toolbars

Talmix has partnered with Design Toolbars, your solution for making slides better, and faster.

Design Toolbars are super simple, one-click, easy-to-use PowerPoint tool to create high-value, client-ready slides, saving you time and money. 

Design Toolbars make every slide in your presentation deck visually balanced which allows your audience to focus on the main message.

• With one-click, multiple objects (such as Titles, Boxes, Chevrons, Text, Bullet Lists and Images) are placed in an organized layout across and down a PowerPoint slide in a structured way. 

Automated slide elements like Agenda, Charts, Tables, Down Arrows, Callouts and Percentage Circles are created with one-click. Assets are fully editable and include Flags, Icons, Maps and Symbols.

Watch the tutorial video HERE to learn all about Design Toolbars features, PLUS bonus PowerPoint tips and tricks too!

As a Talmix consultant we’re delighted to be able to offer you:

A)    A free trial available to try (expires March 2023) - -  Design Toolbars | Free Trial

B)    A discounted annual subscription (saving you US$95.00) -  Design Toolbars | TALMIX DISC

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