How To Find the Right Project

Time is money. You want to make the most out of that high quality industry expertise and experience. And we want you to find the projects that are right for you fast.

Follow these tips on how to find the right project at the right time and you'll be starting your next project in no time!

Have you already been matched?

If so, we already think this project could be a great opportunity for you. Click through to the project description to see if you agree, and send through your proposal as soon as you’re ready. 

Not yet been matched? 

Don’t fear, there may still be plenty of projects which could be a good fit. Firstly, make sure you have your profile updated with the relevant details to allow us to match you effectively. To really stand out from the crowd read our further tips on profile readiness. 

Following that, here are some of our hints on how to assess whether that project is the one for you.

1.    Don’t judge a book by its cover 

Take time to read through the project descriptions – whilst some project titles will be attractive enough in themselves to catch your attention, other projects may have some great potential hidden in the description brief. 

Here’s an example of when a project title isn’t quite living up to the description:

2.    Take it all in

Make sure you absorb all of the key requirements of the project you are interested in. Does it require someone to be on site in a location you’re not comfortable travelling to? Is there a specific language requirement? Does it need someone who has particular industry experience or a certain level of expertise? All of these factors are often those which the client has identified as crucial for their project need, and are more often than not difficult for them to flex on. 

Here are our top 5 information points to look out for:

  • Project location (especially if on site)
  • Educational requirements
  • Necessary industry expertise or experience
  • Language requirements
  • Project duration


3.    Don’t be afraid to ask

If you see a project which could match your background and interests, but you don’t think it has enough information for you to really be able to assess your suitability – then feel free to reach out to and we can help fill in the blanks where possible. 

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