Developing talent and strategy as a single, unified vision.

October 27, 2017 Katy Roberts

The home of independent talent offers any procurer of business services more than just a person to fill a gap.  In the search for talent, sometimes finding the right person for a long-term project may not be what you need, but rather, an individual who brings a specialist skill and expert knowledge about issues that you need help with.  

This week, we had the privilege to talk to Philip Alexander – a member of our consultant community who brings just that. He shares his insight on the relationship between the right strategy partnered with the right people to deliver that strategy and why strategy and talent are the same thing. 


From Kosovo to Talent Strategy

I started out working with the UN in Kosovo”, Philip tells me. Having studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Durham, Philip knew that his career ahead involved people and getting the best out of them. After a brief period working within politics, Philip joined Accenture where he was involved in designing and delivering healthcare solutions within the public sector. His career gradually gravitated towards process and change-focussed work and it was here that Philip started to realise the critical role an organisation’s people play in driving the process and the strong correlation between having the right people on board to deliver your organisational strategy in the long run. “That’s how I ended up pursuing what I do today. I realised that talent and a business’s strategy has to be the same thing.” he tells me. 

Philip has a strong background in the Healthcare industry and joined Qinec (Now Lumeon) as the Head of Strategy & Talent. Philip soon took on the Operations function (delivery and support) identifying areas of improvement, delivering the best to their clients, preparing for the business future. They grew the business successfully, and raised a Series B, allowing functional specialists to be hired, and an opportunity for Philip to transition out of the business, to pursue his own goals. 


The Link that Binds

“When you start to realise the connectivity between everything, that’s when your business strategy becomes truly powerful,” Philip tells me. He runs a business called People Platform  where Philip helps clients connect the resources in their organisation, people, purpose, knowledge and work. “The reality is that unfortunately, there are many organisations that simply don’t know their people well enough to make the right decisions. This is where you see organisations fail – they simply do not have the link that binds every part of their business together, towards one central vision”.   

Philip shares his insight on the challenges many of his clients face today.  “Many businesses are struggling to understand and get to know their resources in the broader sense of the word; their people, their infrastructure, their processes.  It is hard to look out and recognise exponential change, coupled with that lack of information on their people know themselves well enough to see their place in the market,” he says. 
He also tells me that another big obstacle in the armour of an organisation is that functions within the organisation simply don’t match up. For example, they may recognise the need to become digital, and transform their business process to cater for the future of work, but their hierarchical culture is still set under traditional, antiquated business approaches. “For example, they bring in someone whose job it is to disrupt and transform, giving them ‘free reign and the ability to do as they like, when they like, how they like. As long as they still wear a suit and tie”, he gives as an analogy. 

For Philip, authenticity in an organisation is key. Whether you’re promoting a sense of efficiency, or luxury, what you project out should be echoed throughout every function of your organisation. Your talent should live and breathe the same marketing message you put out.  That’s why ensuring organisations effectively communicate the right strategy to their teams, and engage with the right talent, is what drives Philip. 

For your opportunity to align your teams with your strategy and start to see them as one and the same, you need to work with someone like Philip.

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