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PAYMENTS AND INVOICING How it works Talmix acts as the payment processor for all projects on the Talmix platform, managing the invoicing and payment for clients and consultants. At the end of the project, the consultant will need to close the project, the client will need to confirm that the work has been completed, and both parties must approve the final costs. The consultant is responsible for ensuring that the client's expectations are met, in line with the agreed deliverables and scope. Once approved, Talmix will then invoice the client. Invoices will cover the cost of the consultant's services, the 25% Talmix commission fee, and any agreed additional expenses. We then require the consultant to send an invoice, in line with the payment terms agreed, to invoices@talmix.com, in order to process payment. • Invoices must be submitted in PDF format (ensure that your client contact is included on the email). • Where invoices are based on a number of days/hours worked, a client approval email is required to process. • Invoices must be addressed to: MBA & Company Consultancy Limited (trading as Talmix), 9 Marshalsea Road, London, SE1 1EP - Company name / your name if a sole trader - Billing address - VAT number if applicable - Company bank details including account number, sort code, and currency of account / your bank details if a sole trader. If a non-UK or non-sterling denominated bank account, please provide the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC number - Project title - Summary of time spent and amount requested in the relevant currency - Summary of expense amounts requested for reimbursement if applicable - Your contact details including email and phone number Talmix will then pay invoices within 30 days of the date of submission, subject to receipt of funds from the client, unless otherwise stated in your agreement. Payment will be made to you in either GBP, USD or EUR as agreed with the client. We will always pay the consultant in the currency that we bill the client. If you do not have a bank that supports that currency, there are a number of online FX platforms available, allowing you to manage multiple currencies. 12

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