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FP&A & Talent Marketplaces 7 TALENT MARKE TPL ACES: AN INTRODUC TION www.talmix.com +44 20 3176 5615 @wearetalmix wearetalmix The FP&A function is positioned to play a more strategic role across the enterprise, particularly in the management of the "extended workforce". To leverage its power, "CFOs need a long-term, multifaceted plan that will result in FP&A delivering a wide range of data- driven insights that support everything from operational decision-making to organizational strategy" (Deloitte CFO Insights). "THE TALENT MARKETPLACE IS ONE FACET OF A STRATEGY THAT THE CFO, AS A WORKFORCE ARCHITECT, CAN PARTNER WITH THE HEAD OF HR ON TO ALIGN STRATEGY WITH OPERATIONAL CHANGES SO YOUR COMPANY IS PREPARED TO COMPETE FOR TALENT IN THE FUTURE". A New Workforce Strategy Finance leaders are used to analyzing KPIs, but it has become equally important to analyze workforce data too, in order to align workforce strategy and composition with business goals. Too often, workforce strategy falls apart at the operational level, and organizational changes are never made, because there's no mechanism in place to standardize processes, poor data collection processes, and poor visibility into available talent resources. Technology is the true enabler here, and Talent Marketplaces serve as the data-driven platforms that are flexible enough to provide the fast insights and efficient workforce solutions required as organizational structures and directives fluctuate. Adding Value Using Talent Marketplaces to leverage talent insights, budget for the future, and automate talent acquisition processes helps reduce time spent on manual and repetitive tasks, and enables FP&A to boost margins by increasing throughput, and reducing production costs through procurement improvements and talent/supply chain optimization. CFO Drive: Talent Marketplaces can help build future workforce, 2020 "The FP&A function is well-positioned to leverage these latest technologies, as well as robust data analysis, to make more informed decisions, and allow staff to focus on value adding activities." How Finance and HR leaders can align their talent and business strategies, Workday 2020 Report Visibility is the Key Visibility is key in understanding the greater ramifications of 'non-traditional' talent, and the CFO is often the leader of visibility enhancement efforts - talent marketplaces can provide that crucial visibility into the extended workforce, so companies can benefit from more cost-effective hires, shorter time to productivity and more successful project outcomes.

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