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Project Owners & Talent Marketplaces 7 TALENT MARKE TPL ACES: AN INTRODUC TION www.talmix.com +44 20 3176 5615 @wearetalmix wearetalmix Rapidly changing market conditions and the rise of remote working has encouraged project owners across the globe to accelerate the enablement of extended workforces and turn to talent marketplaces to leverage the extended workforce, manage workforce challenges and adopt more accessible and resourceful ways to fill skill shortages, in less time, and with better results. Why are Project Owners turning to Talent Marketplaces? Talent is harder to find 91% of companies are already using outside platforms to source critical buisness talent. Finding talent with the right skill set has proven difficult for many businesses limited to a small local pool of talent that isn't sufficient long- term. Skills are more specialized The new ways of working have increased demand for the external workforce to support on cross-functional projects in organisations - projects which require specific skillsets from a range of people across the organisation. Remote working here to stay More businesses operating remotely has necessitated bringing in new and better technologies to manage operations, workforces and services. This shift has also enabled wider talent pools around the world to open up, unlocking access to key skills at a much faster rate to deliver on initiatives. More flexible workforces 52% percent of project owners cite talent shortages as the key driver for adopting a more flexible workforce, and believe that work done by the "extended workforce" will increase by 168% in the next 10 years. Reduction in hiring costs Better access to specialized skills Connecting to a broader talent pool Access to higher-quality talent Reduction in hiring time Greater control over vetting process 6 Reasons to use online Talent Marketplaces: "Future Workforce Report: Hiring Manager Insights on Flexible and Remote Work Trends", 2020 "AS TALENT PLATFORMS PROLIFERATE ACROSS ORGANIZATIONS, THEY HAVE BEGUN TO REVEAL THEIR TRUE TRANSFORMATIVE POTENTIAL BECAUSE THEY ADDRESS [KEY] PAIN POINTS" For one, on-demand workforce models allow project owners and hiring managers to find top talent for hard-to-fill positions. And by embracing flexibility in whom they hire, project owners can have stronger muscles for change management and workarounds in a crisis, speed up core operations, and deliver faster on future strategies.

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