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The 2021 Digital Staffing Marketplaces Technology Advisor Ardent Partners © Ardent Partners 2021 Page | 2 The Ardent Partners Advantage Ardent Partners uses a rigorous, multimodal research process that leverages qualitative, quantitative, and deep market knowledge to produce its Technology Advisor series. It contains inputs on usability, solution functionality, completeness of offering, future solution strategy, technology adoption, company presence and ability to execute, as well as company focus and vision. Ardent Partners' mission in delivering the Technology Advisor is to provide straightforward, useful information that can help organizations make more educated technology decisions. As a result, this Advisor is a valuable tool that practitioners can utilize during their solution evaluations. Ardent Partners analysts have decades of experience in the contingent workforce and staffing spaces, making them eminently qualified to publish research that informs and guides readers on how to plan and execute a talent transformation strategy and which solution provider(s) can deliver the greatest value. For over a decade, Ardent Partners has delivered the highest-quality research and advisory support in the industry and directly influences thousands of global organizations each month. Ardent Partners is uniquely qualified to provide technology-assessment research for the staffing solutions marketplace. It has in-depth knowledge of the staffing, CWM, talent acquisition, and HR industries, including deep empirical organizational data on CWM programs, a user community that relies on Ardent for thought leadership in this space, and expert coverage of the solution provider landscape. Its qualifications include: ► An unrivaled team of senior analysts with decades of staffing/CWM-specific expertise. ► Contingent workforce management, staffing, and talent/workforce management data on nearly 9,050 companies. ► An engaged, global community of CWM program leaders. ► Hosting the industry's first dedicated weekly podcast, Contingent Workforce Weekly. ► A network of websites (including CPO Rising and Payables Place) that publishes insights and articles on the Future of Work, CWM, and the evolution of staffing. ► A unique understanding of the underlying processes and technologies in staffing and workforce management, which allows Ardent's analysts to provide valuable, insightful, and actionable information. ► This report is part of Ardent Partners' comprehensive series of Technology Advisor reports that analyze the contingent workforce and Future of Work solution provider markets. The series includes: x The 2019 Digital Staffing Technology Advisor x The 2020 MSP Solution Advisor x The 2020 VMS Technology Advisor x The 2021 Digital Staffing Platforms Technology Advisor

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