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ProcureCon HR Report 2021

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The New Normal for HR: Talent, Training and the Post-Pandemic World 6 PART ONE Strategic Priorities for HR Procurement in 2021 58% of our respondents stated that health and safety and COVID-19 related restrictions were going to be the most critical area of focus for their organisations this year. According to our research, aside from the health and safety concerns, one of the biggest challenges facing HR departments right now has been dealing with the switch from on-site to remote working practices. Looking at this data, we can see how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way organisations are going continue with remote working in the future. 30% of our respondents said engaging their remote workforce is going to be their most critical area to address in 2021. Meanwhile, 33% of respondents stated it was sourcing and integrating better workforce tools to enhance remote working. 29% of respondents are prioritising preparations to return remote workers to the physical space. Our survey data also suggests that an almost equal proportion of organisations are planning to continue facilitating remote working, compared to those who are bringing people back into the office. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, across many industries, there are many organisations who have discovered that remote working is not only possible, but preferable. This is further evidenced by the 64% of respondents who stated they have moderate to high control and visibility over their remote workforce. One of the biggest concerns heads of HR procurement have when offering remote working is the fear that staff will be less productive due to a lack of supervision and control. However, our survey data suggests, these fears are largely unfounded. A minority of our respondents (36%) said that their organisations had poor to low levels of control and visibility over their remote workforce, and no respondents said they have absolutely none. Staff shortages caused by the pandemic are another cause for concern for heads of HR procurement. Finding and hiring temporary workers in a quicker turnaround due to staff shortages caused by COVID-19 was a priority for 40% of respondents. 45% of respondents said retaining permanent workers for longer to reduce recruitment costs was their biggest priority. procureconhr.wbresearch.com

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